On the day of the lovers, the ERD Buffalo is to the metal Tiger KIEL/KOH NAKA YAI – January 26, 2010. Flower greetings in the form of red roses, jewelry and chocolates – they are the usual suspects when man turns the question \”What I give my love for Valentine’s day?\”. It is all little original, is usually quickly forgotten and has hardly any personal reference. Instead, a gift to the essentials should be reduced: time for love and laughter. and the most far away from the everyday hustle and bustle with the necessary space for reflection. So, it needs a gift that enriches the lives of both partners at all levels.

Not so simple at all, but when the Chinese new year and Valentine’s day coincide this year anything is possible. So unfolds according to the Chinese calendar in the night of February 14, 2010 the year of the year of the Earth ox year of the metal Tiger and is another reason to welcome Valentine’s day. The energy of the new year stands for a new beginning, the return the origin and that is newly formed and finds. The internationally award-winning six senses destination Spa Phuket takes the coincidence of the two holidays as an opportunity to make an irresistible offer to lovers. Couples can in the period from the 11th to the 18th century on the small island of Koh an unforgettable time in an exclusive spend Naka Yai in Thailand Andaman Sea Hill pool villa at a special price and pampered by the holistic-oriented Spa offer under the guidance of world-renowned Wellnessberatern February and improve their well-being. The six senses destination Spa Phuket offers its guests a special price of THB 22.000,-(including taxes and fees – euro 470,-corresponds to approx.) per night per couple.