Soon the monsters of the city began to surround that one boy, Who you are, what you do here! Dijo the one, Who you are created to change the things! – the other said, but when seeing that to the great it protected it multitude did not do damage to him, already the monsters left of being strong so that the esferita of was them to light debilitating little by little until a metamorphosis in sense in opposition to the small hands of the clock began leaving to see that they were in fact and they retired of him; soon the boy raised the esferita of light with his small small hands highest than he could and he loosen to it They watch the esferita of light is rising at the most high of the air, as a torch that is put in highest of the center of a shelf so that it can illuminate all the room! – an inhabitant said, Now all already they will be able to see and them gift my esferita of light, but I must myself go! – the young stranger said. Many did not want that it went away, listened to the boy within their heart the voice of the great multitude because wanted to him to know, By rayito of light they will know me! said the boy, I must go, the light will not leave them. Soon the boy went as a lightning towards the great mountain but the monsters on the foot of catched it to the mountain and they took it to tenebrous mazmorra of the city. You will leave here never until you extinguish the esferita of light! said one of the monsters. It is not possible to be extinguished, the people need to see the truth! said the boy. Then never we will let to you leave here! said a monster, You are condemned perpetually! said another monster, but they filled of terror when seeing that in the glance of the boy she did not exist the fear nor its physical appearance was able to frighten it.