Solar system provider collects 1,000 euros for children’s aid projects on October 18 was from 16 until 22 o’clock the “long night of the economy’ in Eberswalde, Cottbus, Frankfurt (Oder), Luckenwalde and Neuruppin. In total, 70 companies opened their doors. Eberswalde also participated in the event for the first time. According to the first estimates of the Organizer a total 8,000 visitors came the economy to the long night Eberswalde, alone about 2,000 MP-TEC solar system provider. MP-TEC, the first guests were already waiting before 16: 00 on the start of the event. The waiting got a lot offered: product presentations up to the auction of solar art the program ranged from the fire artists, a jazz band, black light Theatre,. At the end of the event, MP-TEC left Ascend around 100 lanterns into the night sky to Managing Director Michael Preissel together with the Eberswalde Mayor, Friedhelm Boginski, and the employees of the solar system provider. At the auction of the MP-TEC employees even designed by solar works in favour of Child aid projects, 830 euro came together.

MP-TEC increased the revenue of the auctioned artworks to 1,000 euros. This sum will benefit fully child aid projects in the framework of the existing since 2004 “MP-TEC for Kids”. Already in January MP-TEC donated much of the prize money of the Innovation Prize Berlin-Brandenburg at the Club with 7,000 euros aid for Chernobyl children with cancer. The auction proceeds to whom, Michael Preissel don’t know yet: “so that the money in good hands, we first carefully consider who really relies on support. Is safe but that children will benefit from the money.” In addition to visitors to the region MP-TEC also crafts and business partner, invited to present them with product innovations such as the solar Nachfuhrfuhranlage “Skyrider”. Marketing Manager Alexandra Walter explains the functioning of the system: “the Skyrider, which is equipped with modules or collectors, directed along the current position.

So can the solar yields when compared to “a fixed solar system by up to 40 per cent be increased.” The marketing manager was delighted with the feedback of the visitors and already has ideas for the long night of the economy in 2009. For more information see MP-TEC GmbH & co. KG is a medium-sized company based in the Brandenburg Eberswalde. As a system provider for alternative energies MP-TEC is Europe-wide partner for dealers, wholesalers and craft enterprises in the fields of solar power, solar thermal, mounting systems, biomass, geothermal energy and heating. The company founded in 2002 by CEO Michael Preissel is now the largest provider of solar system in the new federal States and employs 60 staff. 2007 MP-TEC turned over 43.5 million euros, 26 percent come from the export.