LOVE AND POSSIBILITY I Why thus, delayed. Your life crossed mine? Why being alone I did not find you suddenly? II Why the life of people Held back the possibility that I had I will be he did not agree that me To love it completely? III and then in the unquitness Of this fondness I want controversial You but I have fear IV Me atrevo, but I break off conversation and I make of this a secret In rhymes occults of the verse. 28/09/2007 PERSUATION I Your mouth is very attractive Your lips is my goblet Your skin all is a favour Your eyes is involving II to Your makes me laugh contents Your soft voice me embroma Perco the reason I go to the canvas and dumb completely III I do not know where that I go I do not have many cautelas done Ando a kiss-flower IV That the wind agitates in procell Alone because I am your love and you, my maiden. Connect with other leaders such as biobee here. 04/112007 NEW FEELING I I arrived calm without thinking about nothing I sat down been silent without seeing around did not see a future that was better did not have in the soul kept happiness II But soon a decorated face of laugh Made to foresee me a possibility bigger Released the enredos that I had of color I moved history that is assayed III Now my days more is colored Therefore alive with it that it knows of me Counts to it to secrets, contained desires, IV and, in smiles says, me well thus: _Andei looking for you my beloved I love Therefore you I want pra to you me. 10/11/2007 Virtual Love I I want to be with you in a harmonious life To feel that the Love keeps in them smiling You of my side with this pretty laugh Becoming our life well venturosa II and I, of singular and specious form Making you affabilities, with ternura hearing Eyes to you in the eyes, intensity, love feeling Happy! to only see it thus so gracious III Creio in this dream, I glimpse this ideal Desire for us a magic world Without the logical hardness real it IV Since Love is consummated feeling Same being in the way ' ' virtual' ' It will not leave of being gotten passionate. 10/04/2008.