Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle on Jan 16, 2010 Ben Becker ‘The Bible’ after the overwhelming success of the premiere tour with more than 70,000 visitors Ben Becker returns with his 80-piece ensemble in January 2010 in the concert halls. “They are like fire and water: the Berlin actor Ben Becker, of as brilliant enfant terrible” applies and is known for an excessive lifestyle, and the Bible, the book of books, signs and beacon for billions of people. Jean Piaget describes an additional similar source. “But in January the synergy of the two extreme takes place again, if Ben Becker with his show the Bible spoken Symphony” will go on tour again. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth. And the Earth was formless and empty, and darkness of the depth it was.” In the black frock coat, on the velvet-covered podium, in the darkened Hall, such as on a church pulpit, Ben Becker begins the evening with his unmistakable bass voice with the classic of story of the creation. Now he pulls the breathless audience, demands and receives the undivided attention, because he lives and suffers with the individual stories with his whole body.

The Bible, this is the story, which all know nobody properly.”explains Ben Becker, who has made the best of selection of the texts of the Bible with a theologian. There are tales of betrayal and self-indulgence, thriller, sex and crime skilfully set and nibbles presented the stories of Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, Moses, job and Jonah Captivate and fascinate even today. Ben Becker recites the key points of the old and the New Testament so eloquent that viewers cower mouse and with goose bumps under the force of his language and the meaning of the words in the armchairs. With clenched fist, trembling fingers or stalled voice constantly Ben Becker acts on the emotional limit. Through its deep bass, he gives a unique power and dynamics, whose magical attraction fascinates even non-religious people the stories. This desire to the pathos had him, the otherwise is not well known for religiousness, irritated, Bible as the perfect Las Vegas show to realize the monumental work.

Huge projections of atmospheric landscapes, which he himself has created, support the tremendous tension, which will increase from text to text. But Ben Becker will be no preacher who must proselytize, he wants to entertain. So he loosens up the performance with a colourful selection of songs that he presents with his zero tolerance band, a large Symphonic Orchestra and an outstanding Gospel Choir. The classics by Jonny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel, Dolly Parton, and Elvis Presley are in harmony with the recited Bible passages and offer short breaks in the roller coaster of the moments of tension the grateful audience. “The Bible a spoken Symphony” is not only an emotionally charged, rousing evening with recitation of well-known classics by a full-blooded actor, but perfect for entertaining at the highest level for the audience that can enjoy a brilliant entertainer. 16.01.2010 Frankfurt /. Centennial Hall start: 20:00 maps of all known ticket agencies. On the Internet at: and nationwide ticket hotline: 01805 57 0000 (* 14 CT / min. mobile phone rates may vary) ACE Entertainment GmbH