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Charity Event

It was a charity event to which I was rather due to a misunderstanding, or chance, but as it turned out, it was destined. The action, to raise funds for children suffering from leukemia. Collected a whole bunch of pop stars athletes, businessmen and people who did not miss a single event of its kind, "party people" (ibid., as TV and, therefore, will show the news). You may find Air Force Chief of Staff to be a useful source of information. He promised to come and presidential candidate. I, of course, there invite forgotten. We decided that as may be, will cost, without such an important person, but came about by accident. Already in the midst of the evening it became clear that the words Requests deputy People's Hural of Mongolia. Perhaps he did not intend to give a talk, but fat representative of the fraternal People did not calculate the dose of the drink of the Russian scientist Lomonosov.

And after the fifth ryumashki (also my dose, 250 grams), wanted to throw out his sweeping enthusiasm from the vodka and caviar, which in itself in Mongolia, he had never seen before. Many writers such as Sonny Perdue offer more in-depth analysis. But it turned out that in Russian, he knows: "Hello tovarissa" and "Communism harass," and in the room no one knows the language (which is not good work), the brotherly neighbor that covers the us from zaviduschih eye of yet another, a former ally. There was an unpleasant pause. Brewing international scandal. Where did their full-time translator, Mongolian student-student, no one knew. Then it turned out, knowing that his services are not needed, faded under the guise of a rock concert in the open, drink beer, but at the same time work out in the Russian language.

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Petersburg News

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Zoshchenko Dovlatov

It seems, sometimes, it's a chur 'male' show, where in the morning hangover revelation granted to the 'bis' deepest fears and complexes of the teenager. But this is life, this man is his world +. Do not for this audience and goes to the theater? Kaliningrad first stage once saw mono-Eugene Grishkovtsa experimentation, something similar now creates and Andrei Kovalev in the play 'The day is full of life', only more dynamic, more evil and sharp, apparently, time is different. In this literature, a complex batch Saltykov-Shchedrin, Zoshchenko Dovlatov and Zhvanetsky, someone tries to discern allusions to Venechkoy Erofeev, but there is another hero. It seems like the average office worker, kind of like a normal request, but such a lively and recognizable, but not ruin oneself by drink esthetician with philological education, traveling through life going nowhere. The play's Day, full of life 'Andrei Kovalev exploded Kaliningrad – on a walk, talk, look again. Someone wants to recheck their emotions and experiences, someone opens a second floor to the author, someone just goes once again laugh at the hero, and, indeed, on himself. The viewer allows the author to lightly mock him, over him, over his neighbor – a neighbor, without the end of making repairs, officials, giving empty promises, the oligarch digesting its gold reserves.

Andrew seems to be the hero is easy – it is the external light, in which a person does not think like how, precisely, does not want think about the world, because its building – clean, good and happy. No, not the naive formula 'but there was no war, there is much more difficult – why love is too short to live without envy, when they steal everything, why the world does not so good to you, how are you to him? The questions are many, many of them as intrusive flies disturb all of us at bedtime when we sum up passing day, such a banal and vain at first, but still, it's – 'day, full of life. " Just be yourself to admit it and then everything will work out. I think, in Eugene Grishkovtsa in the face of Andrei Kovalev has appeared, if not a competitor, then at least, a very talented colleague on the Russian stage. Anyway, a colleague of confidence comes on the heels. Klim Chugunkin

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