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Summer Tyre Tests

“” “” “” “” “Test winner at ‘ car image ‘ and ‘ car test ‘ with top ratings ‘exemplary’ and ‘ car TEST test winner 2013’ / best rated ‘good’ by the ADAC and ‘test Stiftung Warentest’ for Nokian of second winner at auto motor sport”with best grade recommended”auto” with very well “and company car” with highly recommended “the Nokian Tyres are test winner in the summer tyre tests in 2013 by Auto Bild” exemplary with the best grade “and car TEST” with top grade car TEST test winner 2013 “. “” Best note well “get Nokian Tyres by ADAC and Stiftung Warentest test”. “” “” “” Second winners will be the Finns tires in the car motor sport “test with the best touch highly recommended”, in the car magazine AUTO road “with very well” and in the business car magazine company car “with recommended”. Auto Bild”praises the new Nokian line:” strengths: balanced Premiumreifen with excellent braking characteristics, low noise, good comfort “. The “the Nokian by ADAC and Stiftung Warentest test”. Auto Bild test winner gets excellent marks”in these testing disciplines:”Wet brake 1″,” dry brake 1 “, rolling resistance 2” and consumption 2 “. The Nokian line is a super tires”. Very good “he cuts into the good trip” test out and receives the good driving recommendation”magazine for Volkswagen and Audi: class on wet”, handling and brakes very well “. “” “” On dry rail, he convinced with good stability and steering reset.”well even with the comfort.” highly recommended “the assessments by the Austrian Automobile Club oAMTC and the Touring Club Switzerland TCS are also well” by the Austrian consumer magazine consumer “. “Highly recommended” is also the test result of the TV station VOX”in his show”auto mobile”and the television channel n-tv” in his show “PS – car magazine” for the SUV tyre Nokian Z SUV.

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The Motorcycle

In all common sizes and colors, whether light or dark, whether plain or colorful sure is it not be easy for you, a model to can opt for. “Also, see a range of accessories, the range for your safety such must” should be introduced. Toyota Motor Corporation is open to suggestions. “Riding is fun, but only if the word security” is written quite large. The motorcycle rider you are famously always clear at a disadvantage need wear parts such as exhaust, brake pads and baking, oil seals, bearings, alternator, sprockets or sprocket? Spare and wear parts of all major leading two-Wheeler manufacturer, see any motorcycle shop. Often than should remain after all the fun of riding a motorcycle at extremely low prices, and you need parts Yes again you want to tune your motorcycle? In many shops you will find air filter kits, chip tuning, Sportluftfiler, tuning-spark plugs and what you otherwise still need to tune your motorcycle at a high performance level. Excellent materials and the perfect fit guarantee you a quality upgrade of the performance of your motorcycle.

Sure his and even more fun to drive will have after the tune with various products completely satisfied with your bike. For the optical design, a wide range is sold to products that a strong appearance of Miss your motorcycle. Sticker and vinyl in wide selection leave nothing to be desired and bring your bike no matter whether big or small in a completely new light. And who does not want is to have a self-designed and unique model? “It is fun and brings a lot of but also proud to to be able to say: my bike there only once by me in scene set!” Certainly, with a design of your choice, you will reap many compliments! With the large selection of motorcycle you are accessories certainly find are no matter what you need. Motorcycle accessories will often held and as a result the shops can keep much stock on shortest delivery times. You are looking for a shop that offers great selection, guaranteed fair prices and questions with help and advice is available, then you find safe, what you are looking for. Test online stores, you will be amazed! Many loyal customers have brought to this convinced many suppliers of Motorcycle accessories! Run mostly only high-quality products that you can be sure that they will meet your expectations and even exceed. This promise has been like.

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