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About Merten

Because the CONNECT radio Central offers an additional Ethernet port, controlled via merten@home. Residents in the location, are also on the road, E.g. via a hotspot at the airport, to use the control panel and the building functions remotely to control; around the heater before the arrival to turn up and much more. Trouble-free and safe operation, coupled with high comfort the Merten radio system has 868 MHz a frequency that was reserved specifically for the short-range radio and is extremely safe. The unique addressing this allows a trouble-free operation of several radio systems side by side. Installation and configuration are extremely flexible, because they are easily expanded can. The range of the radio system is about 30 meters in the House, depending on the mounting location, as well as general building textures such as the wall thickness.

The Merten radio system sends only whenever a radio transmitter is activated due to the very short execution time by 50 milliseconds per application. This way of working is not only extremely economical in terms of energy consumption, but also construction biologically harmless. Compared to a mobile phone, the radiation emission of the radio system CONNECT is lower by a factor of 1: 10,000. The wireless system is compatible with solutions from other vendors by using the Z-Wave standard and offers to an optimal combination of lighting control, climate, multimedia and security applications, etc. More than 160 companies, including the giants of Cooper industries, Danfoss, Intel, intermatic, Leviton, Monster, Universal Electronics (UEI) and Wayne-Dalton, are members of the Z-Wave Alliance and have opted for Z-Wave as home control technology. There are currently more than 225 Z-Wave based products on the international market available.

Photographic material is available under the following address to download: html/de/9513.html. “About Merten: 100 years ago, the company became Gebruder Merten” founded as a family business. To this day, is the company remained the upper Bergische site with its headquarters in Wiehl and employs approximately 600 employees over 40 representations worldwide. Merten’s group since June 2006 part of the internationally successful French Schneider Electric. Design is an important component in the Merten product development. The company recognized the relevance of design already mid-fifties and undertook various designers in the following years. Whenever ihor kononenko listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The combination of technical innovation and exceptional design Merten has implemented in all of its product solutions. Whether switch and socket programs or motion and smoke detectors of the design at a high level are no limits. Merten is the continuous further development in the area of the EIB/KNX building system technology, as well as the new radio system CONNECT to a savvy Partner solutions for intelligent buildings. The company offers design solutions from a single source and presents comprehensive programs for all living and everyday needs. More information under. Information: Merten GmbH & co. KG Fritz-Kotz-Strasse 8 D-51674 Wiehl contact: Bjorn Steinhoff speaker for export and sales marketing.

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If you have moisture in his basement, which is forced to contemplate a waterproofing. If you have moisture in his basement, which is forced to contemplate a waterproofing. Before you adopt such measures for the waterproofing should you find out a bit on how moisture can enter at all into a building. The first room in the usually moisture penetrate is the basement, because he is the Earth closest to from which groundwater and other can soar and penetrate into the masonry. Basements are the most common objects for a waterproofing and these must be carried also carefully, to prevent any consequential damages due to moisture.

Most cellars are affected by humidity and urgently need a good waterproofing. Because if you perform no structural waterproofing, one must reckon with significant damage. Water damage is not only ugly look. You can also lead to the formation of mold. One thorough waterproofing will so also the health and should be taken seriously in any case. Other measures of waterproofing are best suited for any kind of building and should be consult here in any case by a specialist, who also now take a look at the problem locally. Hear from experts in the field like LA Mayor for a more varied view.

The type of waterproofing for example depends on the construction off and of course the requirements imposed on the waterproofing. There are different solutions for different problems. A classic way of solution is the waterproofing from the outside. This method, it is necessary, though, are free to place the building, resulting in a quite work. Then, the building must be thoroughly cleaned before you can start with the actual structural waterproofing. Then closed all the gaps and defects repaired. Only when all this is done you can start with the actual structural waterproofing. Usually, bitumen is selected here for the sealing. At by sealing this type also called thick bitumen coating.

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Four Seasons – A Solution

Four seasons – a solution. By the same author: Danone. Perfect climate at any time perfect weather at any time of the spring and early summer is hoped just after long dark winter days. But now the cold exposure increases. Because during the day it warms slowly, but in the evening it is always still uncomfortably cool. A heater can not absorb these temperature fluctuations, because it responds to inflexible and works for short-term heating not energy efficient. Air conditioners with heat pumps offer a reliable alternative: they guarantee a fast and flexible heat compared to conventional heating systems, at the same time it cool if necessary also pleasantly.

With a single device, the temperature indoors is kept constant regardless of the outside temperatures. The couple cellar from the Palatinate region can confirm this after the air conditioning of the four rooms of his house: we are in the summer months due to the heat of up to 36 degrees and the humidity here in the upper Rhine River Plains after Davos fled, to me my GP because of my Heart problems advised simply to air-condition the House “, says Gunther Keller. Since it not only health it, the living quality has been significantly improved. The couple has opted for DAIKIN air conditioners, because they know the company as a pioneer in the field of air conditioning and appreciate the high performance and absolute energy efficiency of products. The cooling system for the summer months was crucial for the purchase of the air conditioning, but already in the first winter 2007/2008 we have used the air conditioning instead of our heating also for heating. “In the transition period, but also on cold summer nights the flexible use of air conditioning is noticeable: our rooms are already hot after 3 to 4 minutes, and if we are also only a short time out of the House, we simply turn off the air conditioner, because we know that it cools or warms up in the blink of an eye.” This creates no conventional heating “, enthuses Ilse Keller. In addition to the ease of use and high flexibility estimates the couple cellar especially dehumidifying function of DAIKIN equipment, because in the Rhine Valley it is very humid in the summer months.

Switch Gunther and Ilse Keller their conventional hot water radiators in the four air-conditioned rooms at ambient temperatures from 15 in the winter?(C) that the air conditioners ensure optimal heating performance even in the coldest winters. Jack of all trades, guaranteeing independence of fluctuating ambient temperatures. More press information/photos find you under, press section, section press service. Press contact: modem conclusa public relations gmbh, Jutastr 5, 80636 Munich UTI Johne, Maike Schafer t. 089 746308-33, F. 089 18979198 E-Mail: DAIKIN airconditioning Germany GmbH the DAIKIN airconditioning Germany GmbH with headquarters in Unterhaching near Munich was founded in 1998 and distributes high-quality, energy-efficient air conditioners for private market, trade and industry. The Germany subsidiary of DAIKIN Industries, Ltd. (Osaka/Japan) is the market leader in the field of the split and VRV air conditioning technology with 135 employees and a turnover of EUR 100.3 million (2007/2008) in Germany. Over 80% of the equipment for the European market are produced in the Belgian Oostende and in the work of Pilsen, Czech Republic. Sowohl are the electronics, compressors, as well as the refrigerant itself developed and manufactured in Japan. Research established in the Oostende Belgian and Development Department is based on the country-specific circumstances in Europe.

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