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Mercadeo Markets

It is very important at the time of giving life to the function of markets with its respective unit in the company, to take into account many aspects that favor to him in their profits, allowing that his plans, strategies reach their objectives, like in addition, is due to be constantly vigiligante of their behavior to evaluate their reach, limitations and to take step to the necessary transformations that they guarantee that the systems of established markets are the adapted ones to the requirements of the present commercial scenes. In this writing, we entered ourselves in to indicate some errors that commit and many of them not they have contributed them studious on the matter, like that they have pronounced in the exercise and that they are perceived like obstacles. Majorities, considerations, reach Is very important, that as much the general management, as the one of market well they are integrated with respect to which it is wanted to reach with the function of markets, especially in the present where the economic, commercial scenes are dynamic they present/display characteristic very special that they must be considered, be evaluated, taking into account its weaknesses, strengths, threats, but also its opportunities. The companies that participate in the present scenes must establish plans of action, strategies that guarantee to him that its participation benefits to them and give the opportunity them of in not only conquering markets, but to remain in them, to confront the challenges and to take step to the transformations, changes that them it efficiently assures operativity in his systems markets. They must be kind to evaluate which is the real reach of the demand of the product that offers, which are their characteristics, the competitive advantages of each. To know the behavior its consumers, its fidelity, as well as which is the segment of markets that him agrees to him more..

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European Community

In those countries, like for example the United States of North America, Canada, and the countries of the European Community that have solid Constitutions, their divergent governments have developed " project-of-pas" conceived from a political vision, influenced this one by the different ideological currents from those who have assumed the First Magistrature and/or the congressional control of the Assembly, the Congress, the Dune or since the representation of the popular will is organized. The Constitutions of those countries, to contrapelo of " bolivariana" , that it is an excessively prescribed Constitution, they are stable and permanent a frame referential that they require of a special and complex procedure for his future reform; that is to say, the procedures for the creation, reform or addition of the constitutional laws is different and more complex than those than they require the statutory laws and the ordinary ones. One is Constitutions agreed from the consensus. It does not grant them to nobody in unilateral form, nor imposes group or political conglomerate either some because then they would lack a legitimacy frame. These constitutions are multilateral and therefore, they are contractual and it says that they leave from the Theory of the Social Pact. From them, and within their legal ordering, they have designed throughout history different " project-of-pas" , whose more well-known diversity we can observe in its foreign policies, or of international relations with other States and Governments. The most evident and sample has representative it in different and cuasi antagonistic " project-of-pas" of the two administrations of George W. Bush against " project-of-pas" of the Obama administration, and both projects so different from the one of the Clinton administration, although all framed within the Constitution of the United States of North America, that has a data previous to the restoration of our Post of captain-general. I agree with You in an affirmation: Just by to fulfill the Laws is sufficient so that all we pruned to reach the greater possible material and spiritual well-being.

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Also, it can wear a dress little made, a set of skirt or trousers, combined with moderate sandals and accessories. ACCIDENTAL FASHION This is a new category that gathers the last ones tendencies of the fashion, most bold, which dictates a designer without adaptations. This category offers space for a dress filled with brightness, a set with logo of designer of feet to head, etc. Until the eccentricities fashion has their space in an event ! SEMIFORMAL Regularly one suggests for cocktails or weddings by day. The simple black suit is the ideal example for this category. This code can be confused with accidental elegant, but semiformal he is more elegant and sober.

The black color does not fail at the time of projecting sobriety, but the tone must vary following the hour of the activity; while more early, it decides on clear colors. FORMAL Activities with this code regularly are celebrated in afternoon or at night and go accompanied of a cocktail, a dinner and sometimes until a concert. When it is spoken of formal, it thinks about the meaning of elegance when dressing, but it remembers that can choose the length of its dress. This it can be to average leg or until short, as long as it is elaborated in terms of textures and textiles. It can accompany them with simple accessories. STRICTLY FORMAL It waits for these indications in invitations for formal finery, weddings at night or very elegant celebrations. These formal events require the use of long dress strictly, accompanied by fine imitation jewellery or jewels. It can be ” ball gown” , a model of cuts asymmetric, a dress without sleeves and until with a worked texture.

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Biometric Clocks Present

Each person is incomparable of the others and exist personal qualities, that prove therefore it. Thanks to sciences we know that to each human being account with physiological and behavioural qualities, that cause that each person is unique. Between these qualities they are possible to be mentioned the conformation of the face, the fingerprints, the ocular landlords, the voice, the company/signature, the way to walk and the form to key. The biometry is the science that is in charge of the study and the measurement of all these qualities. This science has been present for many years. The qualities analyzed by the biometry denominate biometric indicators and must fulfill certain parameters, so that they can be used in a biometric analysis.

These parameters are only four: cuantificabilidad, permanence, unicity and universality. The cuantificabilidad means that a biometric indicator must be able to be measured in quantitative form. Taking the example from the fingerprints, these can be quantified when studying and to detail to their components like crests and valleys. The permanence means that a biometric indicator must be always present in a person and not to disappear over the years. In this case it is possible to be something flexible, because of accidents or biometric diseases some maracas can disappear. For example, a person who loses her hands will not be able to have fingerprints. The unicity refriere to that a biometric indicator must have a unique disposition in each person. The fingerprints, the ocular landlords and other biometric qualities, are unique in each human being and not even they are identical in the binoculars.

Universality means that a biometric indicator must be present in all the human beings. As with the permanence, some exceptions exist. At the time of going to the biometric systems, it is necessary to have present the parameters previously mentioned, to make the best election. We think that we managed a company of construction and that we needed to implement an access control, biometric, so that only our workers enter to one it builds. It is not a secret that the hands of the workers of the construction always are going to be in contact with the enemy with dirt and other substances, reason why to use a reader of tracks would not be most intelligent.

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