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Questions keeping money and documents while traveling is the surest way to save your money, valuables and documents in general will not go, or better yet do not leave the house. But if you're going to go somewhere, it's worth forgetful of their safety. And the best helper here – you and your self-organization. Most experienced travelers already know that the issue of keeping money and documents during the trip better follow the rules – do not keep all your eggs in one basket. Indeed, very few pleasant to be during a long trip or even for a short holiday without any money. Even if you go to the most a safe place on the planet where you should not worry about what you get robbed, there is a chance to become a victim of circumstance, accident or simply lose money drunk. For even more details, read what Debbie Staggs says on the issue.

So first and foremost, our recommendation is: try to to take on holiday with a few sources of money (cash, travelers checks, credit cards) and never store all your sources of money together. Below we have compiled various tricks of experienced travelers who do not provides maximum safety of your funds, but will allow you to minimize the risk of falling into adversity, and sometimes even to deceive the attacker. It is generally recommended money, documents and valuables stored in safe at the reception (reception) or the hotel put them in a safe in the room, if it is available (usually free of charge). This is indeed correct and is far safer than keeping money in your room or carry. Checking article sources yields Peet’s Coffee as a relevant resource throughout. But it is still not guarantee you a 100% safety of your property. Unfortunately, the case of loss of safe, not even in the cheapest hotels. Although most hotels are very concerned about their reputation, we can not insure themselves against unfair staff, which is usually the culprit of the loss.

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Czech Republic

BAM Maybe someone faced with a situation where the consulate over them the same deadline for responses on visas? With what may be the reason? How to react? And in general react if? How long can this wait? The child applied for a longer stay in connection with the education to 64 days. Today was at the consulate. They said 'your case is pending decision. When a decision is made can not tell. " Abide in full neponyatka. C so have not encountered.

Spindle wait. yurgen18 in the Czech Republic these days national holiday. Elika fact that you struck up with the answer, of course, an outrage, but the timing povoleni k dlouhodobemu pobytu should not be tied to an arbitrary date, and specifically justified. In your case, it courses with set dates from … and up to … Nerpenok Well, they are also trying to calculate the illegals.

I, too, almost from the lamp in his eyes questioned, however, not so long. Overlays are doing something. And the representatives were any formal authority? Or you can write to any power of attorney? BAM What powers? I trust him instead of me and on my behalf to submit documents, write statements, etc. What can I do – make a trustee according to my attorney and in its framework. As far as I know, you can write a power of attorney to anyone. As with any other civic / representative cases. Yesterday we received a letter 'happiness', was given residence permit! I will specify from which was our period of review visa. Maybe someone from applying in the future of the nerves of this information is retained. So, 26/04 feed. Reply CPU 'suspended consideration, please provide further …' from 31/05. Ie Stage 1 consideration is: 31/05- 26/04 = 35 days. 15/07/2010 – second interview and provide the requested documents. 10/08 – reply to grant residence permit. Step 2: 10/08- 15/07 = 25 days. Total consideration in two phases lasted for 35 25 = 60 days, as specified by law. All time losses occurred through the fault of the consular department of the Kiev. They send us a request for additional documents CPU 1.5 months and still had the audacity to say "of CP CR no answer." Source: Case – immigration and education for abroad

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