He heard a new noise that forced him to abruptly leave his journey into the world of yesterday. A gust of wind had moved the window curtains. He returned to look towards the bathroom door and it was still half closed. Who had opened it? l did not know, but if it was open it was because someone else had been in that place. In that case who? There was no response. In a moment of extreme lucidity or hopeless madness he could not distinguish well that mental state was, walked towards the bathroom, pushed the door fully open and prepared to enter. To enter? She was still in time returned and abandon once and for all that damn place. do you go? and stay forever with the curiosity of knowing what was inside? No, she didn’t being persecuted by the unknown.

So who swallowed his fear, took out a little of value who knows where and went to the bathroom. There, in that place saw what they suspected nothing! That site was empty completely. Not even his shaving machine, nor your toothbrush. In a corner, near sunset a brush whose handle was stained the same color could make out a small vial with red paint and within this. He returned to the room and this p asillo; I hear the plaintive moan coming from somewhere in the building for the last time, but it was not returned.

He had the decision to go down to reception to ask for their things. Reached the staircase, descended rapidly and, when finally address the receptionist, she asked him without delay:-Miss, I’m guest in Room 301. Upon returning I have not found my luggage or personal items – are you a painter? -Do not miss am no painter – painter profession briefly. What is here. -Yes, but I am not a painter and until few hours ago occupied that room.