But if the State has authorized the company to insure foreign nationals, for States they are the same insurance company clients, as well as its citizens. They put the same safeguards. State supervised and approved by the investment activities of insurance companies. Ie insurance company can not by discretion to invest surplus funds. It provides the percentage of available assets a company can invest in real estate, as in precious metals, as in the action, as issued in the form of loans, how much keep on deposit at the bank (and in which banks!), etc.

The income earned from investments the company is obliged to share with clients. States shall establish and verify the order of distribution of profits the insurance company. In some European countries, including Germany, Austria, the insurance company may not assign the client’s money for 150 years. The client has died, gone to the beneficiaries specified in the policy and the insurance the company must calculate a profit, have adequate reserve to cover the risk, look for an heir in blood 150 years. Until he finds.

That is the law that the company had no motive to deceive the client, and assigning him the money. And this condition is also verified audit four times a year. It is also important that such measures increased control over the activities of insurance companies, life insurance attributable to the significant tax incentives by states. In different countries in different ways, but insurance companies have significant tax benefits to ensure the profitability of investments. Also, customers will have such benefits. Thus, the first step, which should start with a choice of insurance company must verify that the insurance company’s state license. To be sure, find online state registry and check registered Is it your company. If you do not trust the internet – please call the Ministry of Finance and ask. Phone you can easily find on the site. When you make sure that all of these questions there is a firm answer “Yes”, you can be sure whatever happens, your money will remain yours.