It is interesting to observe that apstolo Pablo speaks of reconciliation with God after affirming that? if somebody is in Christ, is a new creature. At the same time valley to notice that the process of this reconciliation has left of one I appeal God the man, to all its personality, also of course its will, that is an expression of this personality. Of luck that we are ambassadors on behalf of Christ, as if God exortasse for our intermediary. On behalf of Christ, therefore, we supplicate that you reconcile yourselves with God? (II Color 5:20). In this citation the fact is seen of that the man is of pecaminoso character since its fall and therefore he is enslaved of the sin, but this why he himself if placed in this position. But inside of this the man has its exempts will for it to conduct the life.

The man without Christ also can have a pparently good life for its proper choice, then this implies that it still has the free will. Being thus inside of the sovereignty of God, it has a general plan where if the humanity incases, and is inside of this general plan, that the Bible tells that the man it can in such a way reject the God, or accept it. any that is the choice of the man will not go to modify the plan of God, therefore its plan is based on its prescincia. God in its sovereign plan inside placed the man of a picture, where he can choose to obey the principles the holy ghosts or to disobey them without modifying Its plan. V? GOD IN ITS SOVEREIGNTY PLACES THE MAN AS BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR ITS FUTURE. . The FREE WILL the man for being a free agent is a responsible moral agent for responsible itself and for its future.