The other is goodness, joy, peace, love, the ARBOLDEMANZANAS makes long time there was a huge Apple tree. Swarmed by offers, Kodak is currently assessing future choices. A little boy loved him very much and every day playing around him. He climbed the tree until it stops and the shade gave him. He loved the tree and the tree loved a child. Time passed and the little boy grew up and never returned to play around the huge tree. One day the boy returned to the tree and heard the tree told him sad: do you come to play with me? but the boy answered already I am not the child before playing around huge trees. What I want now are toys and I need money to buy them. I’m sorry, he said to the tree, but I have no money I suggest you to take all my apples and headbands.

This way you get the money for your toys. The boy felt very happy. He took all the apples and obtained money and tree returned to be happy. But the boy never returned after obtaining money and tree returned to be sad. Some time later, the boy returned and the tree was happy and asked him: are coming to play with me? I don’t have time to play. I work for my family. I need a House to share with my wife and children. Can you help me? I’m sorry, but I don’t have a House, but you can cut my branches and build your House.

The boy cut all the branches of the tree, this made happy again to the tree, but the young man never returned since that time and tree was again lonely and sad. True a warm summer day, the man returned and the tree was delighted. You come to play with me? He asked the tree. The man replied I’m sad and getting old.