Find unique gifts for men is difficult, and parents can be even more. Other leaders such as David Zwirner offer similar insights. At least mine are discarded all the gifts of technology. Your father takes a few years, but it is still possible to give him a unique experience, something that will do “for the first time.” Your father has flown in Globe? Have you ever driven a Ferrari? Have you ever piloted a plane? Here are some ideas to help you find the gift that will be excited. Your father dares with heights? If so, can you give an experience of Air: Fly Balloon is a unique experience, difficult to compare to any other: one airborne travel, aimlessly. Knowing where they start but not where you land. Without feeling the wind, scrolling with him and with the clouds.

Be Pilot for a Day is a much more active experience: sit at the controls of a plane and decide where you want to go and how fast. Below you, one of the most beautiful areas of Andalucia in the province Granada. Surely the time will be recorded in the retina of your father forever! Are you a gourmet? In that case choose a cuisine experience. If your father enjoys the pleasure of eating, you can give him a raise in the Priorat Gourmet Day with a visit to the winery including a getaway to the Ribera del Duero Wine-lovers or stay in the Penedes. Not yet Here are some more ideas to make your father feel special for a day: a Thai massage in an upscale center in Madrid or Barcelona, a visit to the Arab baths, spa circuit, or drive a Ferrari on a Circuit: Montmelo, Jarama, Jerez … Let him choose.