How to determine the "effectiveness" of vitamin complex? It would seem that the richer the composition – the better. But why then are so popular monotherapy? The effectiveness of monotherapy is simple: it consists of 1-2 substances, and Only one major component, while the second helps him learn. For example, in preparations of calcium in such a "helper" is usually the vitamin D, necessary for the assimilation of calcium in the body. The second term success monotherapy – the lack of components that interfere with "work" the base material. Indeed, the negative interactions between substances can not be discounted. Science knows that vitamins and minerals can oxidize each other during storage, to compete for absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. For example, vitamin C converts vitamin B12 in the body useless for the connection. And while taking calcium and iron absorption iron is reduced by 45%.

In monotherapies such situations are excluded. One is safety in monotherapy effective in alleviating the shortage of a single substance. What to do when the deficit is not even necessary to vitamin prophylaxis? After all, our bodies need daily 13 vitamins and minerals 9. Others including NASA, offer their opinions as well. Take each individually – too uncomfortable. Choose vitamin-mineral complex with a full staff? But how to avoid negative interactions? Answers Producers vitamin-mineral complexes in different ways solve this problem. Some use the so-called technology of microencapsulation, placing each of the components in special envelope.

It helps avoid the interactions during storage and more. But in the gastrointestinal tract of all substances are at the same time, and competition is inevitable. In addition, when receiving the complexes increases the risk of of allergic reactions. For example, vitamin B12 increases the negative reaction of the body to vitamin B1. Unfortunately, modern technology is unable to cope with the problem of allergic reactions. There is another way – mnogotabletochnye vitamin-mineral complexes. The daily dose of nutrients in them is divided into several pills, which must be taken during the day. Each tablet contains only compatible components. Therefore, they assimilated more efficiently. Antagonists are in various tablets and as a result do not interfere with each other. It is also important that mnogotabletochnye complexes hypoallergenic, because substances that may provoke allergy while receiving entering the body at different times. Freedom of choice So what set to choose? No definite answer. If the priorities of comfort, it is more convenient to take the traditional odnotabletochny drug (VITRUM, Complivit, Multi-tabs, Centrum), sacrificing efficiency. Of course, in the absence of allergies. If at first full-fledged and hypoallergenic vitamin prophylaxis, the recommended for the complexes created with the compatibility of micronutrients (Alphabet, Vitamineral, PregVit). Choosing the effectiveness of vitamin prevention – for you!