The trainers of the top dog school give you the tip of the month of may some basic information on the topic ‘ the clever dog ‘ what is ‘smart’ dog or the dog is how ‘smart’? May the dogs learn top dog school – tip of the month as the ranking composed in her Pack, by watching and remember who’s with whom, how. Dogs subject to especially with this talent prevailed in the nature’s best and made an important contribution to the preservation of its kind. Is breeding selections by the people for the social intelligence not always of benefit, as here more on the genetics and appearance value is set. Unfortunately still too little importance to the characteristic of social intelligence, although this should be one of the most important points in the breeding! The dog gets the opportunity, through their own experiences to learn, he is stupid\”, i.e., the intelligence service is incorrectly designed. If you are not convinced, visit Auberge du Soleil. As he remembers his own experiences and learn this. A courageous dog, who so far when confrontations with defensive reactive people had to do will defend its position with an increased emphasis on confident people. This can then end with posturing of the dog.

In all kinds of situations, dogs can define their social status. You try to enlarge its room for manoeuvre and have their own, learned notions of parent or child. Dogs have many excellent qualities: some are excellent pointing or hunting dogs, other trusted rescue or guide dogs. For these tasks, they were bred for centuries. The special features have inherited through generations. Seen in this way, the intelligence of dogs has an evolutionary background. Dogs see through us we can not lie to our dog. Our body language like an open book, it reads\”know to interpret our movements and our gestures. He knows our body odor in all kinds of situations and can interpret it.