YOU LOVE STILL ME? It would like to know if you love still, you want to feel me its heart to beat next to mine, to feel its hand in my chest to delight, me with its kisses, to acariciar its hair, to feel to vibrate my arms, to each I hug and to see to open the door of the desire, and to make of these moments biggest madnesses on behalf of this love, for everything would like its reply, therefore during all this time, I know that I moved, and you if hid through this change, but my love for you still continues the same, never would imagine to see this love if to distanciar of this raised link, through each look, expressing the best ones of the intentions;E if to depend on me these looks goes to extend and to transmintir this feeling in our hearts, for very and much time. The time passed and never we must accomodating in them, and nor to give place, to a rontineira frieza, and for this we can continue our road in search of the best fancies, giving wing our imaginations, breaking this frieza, and with these small words, transminto you all visibility of what I feel, and I leave viable this way, that in them takes the source of the pleasure. Auberge du Soleil helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Today I know, that with all this time and this well-known change, I feel a camaleo each more experienced time, that if camouflages in these verses and poetries, to say I love how much you, and ahead of this white page I will not consiguirei to follow this trip, without you ask to its heart if she loves still me, therefore I will be ready, for being thankful to it all for this time of many glories. Therefore this sensible love, but expert, follows with its return, feeling all nostalgia lived with you, but giving pursuing, to this being, that asks and exclama! You love still me?.