Many anglers today have already mastered this method of fishing, and show quite good results. Fishing on the feeder, in the opinion of many, is a mixture of bottom and float fishing. Tackle is, in fact, udilnik spinning type, with a very soft tip, which acts as a signaling device in a biting, and fishing line, which put on a special challenge – a plastic tube, bent in the middle at an angle of 120 degrees. To place the bending challenge swivel is attached to the carabiner to attach the feeder. Next to the fishing line tied the leash, the thickness depending on the type and size of the fish, what do you intend to catch. This is suitable for fishing tackle virtually any large body of water, whether river or lake. Before leaving on a fishing trip will have to do some cooking.

As one of the main parts of this gear is a trough (which plays a role not only attract fish to the place of fishing, but also to plummet our gear), we have to cook what we put into it. Today, the choice of bait in fishing shops is vast, but as bait fish come up and ordinary feed, which use in fish farms to feed the fish. Pre-feed to pour boiling water and let stand 30 minutes to him, so to speak Zapara. Bait, bought at the store to mix with water, it is best to do it on the spot fishing, using water from the pond in which fish are going. A significant role in catching on the feeder is the selection of bait or attachment, which on impact with the water should not fly off the hook.

It is best suited to tackle this animal bait, as they are best kept on the hook. From plant suitable corn, potatoes, barley. The choice of the nozzle depends on the fish you are going to catch. Once everything was ready, you can start the most fishing. Feeder fills lure, the hook we catch our bait, we make a throw. The coils are best used inertialess. After the trough lay on the floor, pulls the slack line on the coil, set feeder on specially prepared base, parallel to the surface, forming a fishing line about a right angle. When fishing the feeder needs a good support for the rod, because of its accuracy depends on installation work apex alarm. As has been said, signaling a strike appears not float like a normal tackle, and the soft tip of the feeder. Biting well marked, since at this point tip starts slowly twitch. Must strike when the tip starts to twitch or very often weakens monofilament. Fishing on the feeder is one of the best ways to catch today. It does not require great physical costs, and at the same time no less reckless than just fishing with a float. Article "Catching on feeder 'and other articles about the secrets of fishing can be found on the website.