Bezness – doing business with the feelings of European women and men to the content: the title suggests, this book has something to do with the Orient, and refers to 1001Geschichten. The stories are based on lies and fraud. Many young people who have no opportunity to leave their country, see the European marriage as a means to an end. A comfortable life by money and eventually a residence permit for the country in which the banknotes on the trees seem to grow is the most desirable of all the goals for them. Because this is easiest to achieve aims through the pretense of love, European women and men in the holidays become victims of inter cultural fraud called Bezness. Bezness takes place not only in Tunisia. Now you can find this business having mafia structures basically, in all holiday destinations, where poverty and corruption are prevalent. Through the 10 years intensive work of the author and their supporters, the inexorable spread of the The term of Bezness “True stories” on and tens of thousands of links on the Internet spread relatively quickly.

Today, he is in the parlance of many media and relevant forums. 1001 The Bezness for those affected and the company informed about the facts, the impact and the enormous damage that cause lie. Some true stories have accompanying”published that will open the eyes of the reader. No, there are no fairy tales from 1001 nights, but true destinies, she sometimes writes the life. 1001Luge is a book that had to be written to enlighten, to create prevention and the supplementation of Evelyne core based website 1001Geschichte.