Month: March 2012

River Atbara

According to him the Lunar mountains – it's snow-covered hill Africa, based on near the equator where there are two lakes, which are the sources of the Nile. One of the greatest travelers of Henry Stanley in his book 'In the wilds of Africa' (1890) tries to prove that the lunar mountains Ptolemy – a mountainous Ruwenzori country, as it lies almost under the equator, and with its snow-capped mountains flow down rivers feeding Lake Albert and Victoria, which give rise to the great River Nile. However, some modern geographers argue that in times of Ptolemy could not have known of these lakes, that the scientist could have only the data obtained by them from Egypt only on the northernmost tributary of the Nile – the River Atbara – and so has Lake Tana, which implies the Atbara, for original source of the Nile. Therefore, under the lunar mountains have to understand sometimes snow-covered hill country of Abyssinian. Perhaps this could be and to accept, if not one "but": Austrian explorer of Africa Oscar Baumann, in his book "Through the Masai country to the sources of the Nile '(BA, 1894) reported that the tribes vaguma vaniambo and called the place where the sources of the Nile country moon and the lunar mountains. It is not known whether there is name in the time of Ptolemy, and whether it was known in Egypt. So, it seems that Ptolemy still knew about the existence of the Rwenzori, but learned how to get this information? Riddle N3 – NOT FROM UGANDA ARE WE ALL? There are several versions of the origin of man: evolutionary theory, creationism, the theory of external intervention and the theory of spatial anomalies. But interestingly, they all agree on the fact that there was a man somewhere in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda). Olduvai Gorge in (Tanzania) in 1960, Dr.

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Western Bug River

Therefore, we decided to go the whole family on a personal car. A large number of things fit perfectly in a pre-purchased avtobokse on the roof. Rapid movement of the limitless space in Western Europe, namely the Czech Republic and Poland, we crossed a little more than a day. The customs checkpoint in the town of Terespol standing on the Western Bug River and the border with Belarus, met with us a great the number of cars and traffic discipline. To cross the border as a whole spent about two and a half hours, and of course more time was spent on the Belarusian customs. Paying transit fees five dollars for travel on the territory of Belarus and pointing to the inspection of personal items we were in the city of Brest. Although not without a present. Never Russian land bribery, seeing us in the trunk of an alcoholic national drink worker asked the Belarusian customs Record bottle for the post of customs payments, and that was done to avoid further delay in time.

Want to note that our mood was not spoiled or what, and we were glad to be back in his native Russian soil, where once they were born. Impression of Belarus itself may be called by any all the same landscape scoop, but later, when we drove through in Russia by train, when compared to us clearly, it became clear that Belarus looks much more attractive than Russia, but more on that later. As the saying goes, everything is known in comparison.

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Rio Rivers

In my vibrations of a divinity degree and accurate. The seas full of fish planted green seas. And planted forest trees felled. The yellowing of the skin and the whiteness of the hands, the blackness of the legs and the green of hope. In races worked together and equally universal and absolute justice of distribution. We all dined. In a final peace agreements for all the farmland.

And the animals also ate them. The chemistry we have inside the men and women cool color. Polluters and bad happenings witnessed abhorrent road to nowhere. Equal to the inevitable global destruction. From the systematic.

A new civilization sibermetica and without knowing why. Nor because we are here, not so. Cosmopolitan charisma and electrifying look no blankets globalists. Boreal bored halos rebirth to the creed. Tell me Lord? As light these great blackness of the road. Tell me Lord? Como If you do not make white-hot torches of the past. And we're all tired of waiting that is eternal. They are great proof that make white-hot lights of sunsets. The lights are off. In the ashes of oblivion. Is that the test Lord? Is this the test. The one that makes the flame in my hand porto multiply. Whoever wants to make light of it. V part. Devastating dreams-aya He poisoned the Rio Rivers for Life your life my life our lives And the fish float and lie inert inert under the eyes of those who do not look … Do you have to look at life and all life? Occurrences of moans, some people if we look at our Rivers Rivers and Seas.

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