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New Hyundai Dealer

March 12, 2009 held a press conference at which it was officially announced the opening of a new Hyundai dealer in St. Petersburg – the companies 'Centre Olympus'. Autocentre 'Centre Olympus' – a new venture on material and technical basis and with direct participation Autocentre 'Olympus' – Dealer Mercedes-Benz and AMG in the city of St. Petersburg. Sales of Korean brand cars will be on the areas of car sales and Chrysler, who were freed at the end 2008, after the termination of a dealer contract of 'Olympus' with concern. "OLYMP Center 'provides a full range of services for sales, service and car repair Hyundai.V Autocentre' Olymp Centre 'presented the whole model number of cars Hyundai: Elantra, Getz, Genesis, Grandeur, H-1, Hyundai i30, Hyundai ix55, Matrix FL, NF Sonata, Santa Fe, Tucson. The total area of the new showroom is 25 thousand square meters. m.

In the showroom at the same time shows about 30 cars, and metalwork shop is equipped with 20 posts. Through modern paint and body area can run about 250 cars a month. Director-General 'Centre Olympus' is Vadim Voitenkov. At a press conference for journalists attended chairman autofocus 'Olympus' – Eugene Voitenkov, CEO' Hyundai Motor CIS "- Kerry Cho, Managing Director," Hyundai Motor CIS "- Denis Petrunin and Deputy General Director for Sales and Logistics – Pak Yong-guk. In a lively dialogue with journalists have been highlighted issues of strategy and promotion of Hyundai cars in Saint Petersburg and Russia, the prospects for brand Hyundai in the current competitive situation in the market, and discussed issues concerning the construction of a new Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg.

Plans for a new authorized dealer for sales in 2009 and the development of a new direction in the long term and told Vadim Voitenkov Denis Petrunin. Eugene has great Voitenkov hope the Korean automaker. 'This is a relatively young and dynamic brand, which is why he was chosen direction' Centre Olympus' – explained Mr. Voitenkov. Especially as to ensure high standards economic situation, the company has no plans will not suspend construction of a factory in the industrial zone of Kamenka near St. Petersburg. In 2009, appeared in dealer showrooms all-new and very promising model – Hyundai ix55 luxury and hot hatchback Hyundai i30. The rate will be on new models – confirmed Petrunin Denis, managing director of 'Hyundai Motor CIS. " Their share in the planned sales volume – 20-25%. In all, Hyundai Motor CIS plans to sell 100 thousand cars in 2009. According to the plans of Hyundai Motor Company in Russia, the Russian market this year will be sold around 100 thousand vehicles Korean brand Hyundai. And, according to managing director of Hyundai Motor Russia Denis Petrunina, this figure may well become a reality.

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CSIC Fernando Catherine

Its damage is similar to the produced one by the cockroaches. The known ones like ” lice of libros” , Trogium pulsatorium and Liposcelis divinatorius, usually are shortages very behind schedule, since the damage that they produce does not become general quickly. The coleopters, order animal that among others includes to escarabajos or fireflies and includes a quarter of all the animal, also counts on detrimental families in libraries and archives, like the Anbidos, insects of coarse body and dull coloration that can digest the cellulose partially and are attracted by the fungi that can have the paper. Fungi and gases Unfortunately, the insects are not the unique alive beings who destroy books. Many very small, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms are another one you damage of them to fight. This it is the case of the archives of the Spanish Film library, where diverse common bacteria are aggravating the color of the films and threaten their destruction. ” The gelatin of the emulsion of the films is a protein mixture obtained of the colgeno of animal, which turns into a natural food of many bacteria and fungi, that produce damages tremendos” , it explains Alfonso of Amo, head of investigation of the Film library Spanish.In order to avoid the deterioration, this organism started up four years ago a project in collaboration with the Institute of Science and Polymer Technology of the CSIC (Advice Superior of Scientific researches) and the Department of Microbiology III of the University of Alcala of Madrid, also financed by Fotofilm, the greater laboratory of cinematographic developing of Spain. The scientific equipment, directed by the professor of investigation of the CSIC Fernando Catherine, has found up to 14 stocks different from bacteria, habitual in our innocuous mucous and for the humans, on who 7 are fed on the gelatin used in cinematographic rolls.

As these organisms are developed better in humid atmospheres, the problem is more important in the archives located in coastal zones, like the one of the CGAI of A Corunna or the Basque Film library of San Sebastin, and especially in the autonomic film libraries of Barcelona, Valencia and the Canary Islands, with temperatures that surpass the 30 degrees frequently and one environmental humidity superior to 60%. On the other hand, gases and particles also contribute to the deterioration of the collections of libraries and archives. The gaseous pollutants – especially sulphur dioxide, the nitrogen oxides, the peroxides and ozone bring about the acid formation in the paper and the leather. Also, the emissions of automobiles and industries from the outside, and the cigarette smoke, soot, the machines photocopiers, certain types of construction equipments, paintings, sealants, cleaning substances, etc., from the interior are sources of contamination of human origin that constitute another potential danger. Compiled By.

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European Community

In those countries, like for example the United States of North America, Canada, and the countries of the European Community that have solid Constitutions, their divergent governments have developed " project-of-pas" conceived from a political vision, influenced this one by the different ideological currents from those who have assumed the First Magistrature and/or the congressional control of the Assembly, the Congress, the Dune or since the representation of the popular will is organized. The Constitutions of those countries, to contrapelo of " bolivariana" , that it is an excessively prescribed Constitution, they are stable and permanent a frame referential that they require of a special and complex procedure for his future reform; that is to say, the procedures for the creation, reform or addition of the constitutional laws is different and more complex than those than they require the statutory laws and the ordinary ones. One is Constitutions agreed from the consensus. It does not grant them to nobody in unilateral form, nor imposes group or political conglomerate either some because then they would lack a legitimacy frame. These constitutions are multilateral and therefore, they are contractual and it says that they leave from the Theory of the Social Pact. From them, and within their legal ordering, they have designed throughout history different " project-of-pas" , whose more well-known diversity we can observe in its foreign policies, or of international relations with other States and Governments. The most evident and sample has representative it in different and cuasi antagonistic " project-of-pas" of the two administrations of George W. Bush against " project-of-pas" of the Obama administration, and both projects so different from the one of the Clinton administration, although all framed within the Constitution of the United States of North America, that has a data previous to the restoration of our Post of captain-general. I agree with You in an affirmation: Just by to fulfill the Laws is sufficient so that all we pruned to reach the greater possible material and spiritual well-being.

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The Tax Deductibility Of Joint Expenses

Tax advisor Jurgen Dieter grainy informs the Bundesfinanzhof has established a new legal situation with his current case-law concerning the tax deductibility of joint expenses as advertising and operating costs. The Mannheim tax expert Jurgen Dieter grainy reports on the revision of this subject issued by the tax authorities as a response to the Court decision. A mixed expenditure consists of private as well as professionally or operationally justified interests. According to the previous legal situation, it was forbidden to effect the tax deductibility of the not private reasonable share of the costs through a sharing of these shares. In its judgment in 2009, revised its previous case-law of the BFH and allowed the tax effective distribution of joint expenses. The practical implementation of this decision was made by new directives of the German tax authorities. According to the new legal situation, Division and subsidy mixed expenses are possible if none of the exclusion conditions is that established by the tax authorities.

Basic condition of deductibility is objectively guided proof that parts of the expenditure actually were caused by events, are allocated to the operation or Berufssphare. The taxable person makes no credible evidence or doubts remain on the side of the Treasury on its veracity, the deduction is excluded. Objective divided into private and tax-deductible portions of expenditure is objectively impossible, also eliminates the deduction. The financial management excludes mixed justified costs the taxpayer, its not private conditional Anteil is below ten percent, due to a negligible insignificance of the deduction. Mixed expenses incurred due to private life are also non-refundable. Examples include familial causes, the costs of financial management or a driving licence. Also expenses for protection are not deductible and Security purposes, as well as so-called representation expenses, which serve to foster and maintain the social or economic status level of the taxpayer. So the not private caused part of a mixed expenses can be deductible, its monetary value must be determined.

For this purpose, the expenditure by means of objectively verifiable criteria in private as well as business or operational-related shares is to separate. For this, the criteria of time, quantity and space often come to the application. For example on a business anniversary celebration 80 business customers and 20 private friends of the entrepreneur paid hosted, it is a mixed expenditure, which at the same time operational conditional and includes private caused hospitality expenses. After the proper share allocation 80 percent of the cost are considered operationally-related and thus tax recoverable, while the remaining 20 per cent due to their private causation are not deductible. The financial management through effective information and arguments from the to convince tax mitigation taking into account joint expenses, often requires a professional insight into the relevant rules of the authority. The commitment of tax experts in this context causes a significant advantage in the granting of tax deductions. The Mannheim tax advisor Jurgen Dieter grainy is his clients with many years of experience and expertise in achieving its fiscal concerns to the side. He answered questions about the deductibility of joint expenses and all other tax issues at any time. Press contact contact: Steuerberater Jurgen Dieter grainy o 4, 5, 68161 Mannheim Tel 0621 10069 fax. 0621 13358 email: Homepage:

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