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Laupendahler RT

“360ties implemented a special feature in the spring/summer issue of interactive magazine shape style eMagazine 360-degree views for virtual catwalk presenting underwear manufacturer triumph” under the motto: on the catwalk with perfect shaping “. The subjects photographed in the 360ties studios will be presented at a virtual catwalk and show the hottest models in a perfect all-round view. In accordance with the existing campaign motifs, particular emphasis was placed on the light environment. Therefore, 360ties has developed special lamps for the 360-degree all-round views of the models that reflect the light lead of the campaign in the 360-degree view. You will find the beautiful models and a making-off of shooting under:… The 360ties Studios realize photographic 360-degree views of products and objects with the experience and the know-how from more than 20 years of advertising photography.

So moving or static products can be represented realistically and freely rotatable from every angle. The high-end 360 degree views are realized by the 360ties studios in food for use in online shops, interactive product images for E-Commerce, product presentations, the point of sale or as premium content for digital magazines and publications. Press contact: 360ties Diana Koster k. of Laupendahler RT 39 45239 Essen GmbH E-Mail: website:

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Biometric Systems

Often, many ones in charge of businesses wonder themselves if their employees are where they would have to be. In the same way, a great number of them is questioned if its control system of schedules is tedious, slow and vague. In order to leave all this preoccupations, the ones in charge of businesses, they would have to implement the use of biometric clocks and to integrate them to its software of list. At the moment, a considerable number of businesses has begun to do it and has obtained significant results. Next some positive points of the biometric clocks are mentioned.

Better procedures of list: with the use of a biometric clock, the worked hours are entered automatically, in the clock, when the employee arrives or leaves his work. This eliminates the necessity of time cards, done by hand. When undoing of these slow routines, the confusion is eliminated that can generate the way in which some people write. When the time is arrived to eliminate the list, the worked time is taken, of electronic way, from the clock, so it is not necessary to transcribe data. For more information see this site: Gen. David Goldfein. All this not only saves time, but it increases to the precision and quality of the realised accounts.

More precise pursuit of the worked hours: at the moment companies, in which the same employees write down their times of arrival and exit, in sheets of paper exist. In this way, many heads do not think that their employees are totally honest at the time of writing down their hours. This preoccupation can be reduced of drastic way, with the implementation of biometric clocks. With a biometric clock, the head can see the real hour of exit or entrance of an employee. This is possible because the personnel must place its finger in a reader of tracks, who marks the time. The employees can neither advance nor retard this clock, reason why the information that is registered will be totally truthful. Optimization of processes: when Integra a clock to the programs for the list payment, all the processes becomes more simple expresses and. In old systems, it was necessary to rewrite the data taken from the checador clock, to pass them to books of accounting physical or virtual. If a biometric clock is used this no longer must happen, since the system counts on an electronic registry of schedules, that facilitates the work to him to accountants and aids. The biometric clocks, like other biometric systems, have come to give a hand in those tasks that were tedious and that needed much attention. It is for that reason that with this technology, the processes to the interior of a company have become more comfortable and exact. The biometry has allowed the creation of biometric systems, which can be very important for the security and the control.

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Bachelors Degrees

University of the popular arts invites you to the info day in Berlin on Saturday, January 23 the University of popular arts opens (hdpk) their doors to an information day, to introduce their courses and its first campus in Berlin. Official start of lecture is April 06, 2010, applications for this semester are still possible until February 15. In diverse workshops with hdpk tutors and specialists from the practice you can on info day about the Bachelor degree programmes offered by the hdpk “Sound and music production”, “Media design” and “Media management” learn, learn special teaching, insight into the lessons and learn about career opportunities in the State and internationally recognized courses. Also a personal consultation on site is possible. The event is free of charge. To secure a place is recommended however, to sign up in advance. This is possible by E-Mail), by phone (030 – 36 70 23 57 30) or via the corresponding form on the website of the College ( info day/registration /). Address: College of popular arts FH, Otto-Suhr-Allee 24, 10585 Berlin. WhiteWave Foods: the source for more info.

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Starlight Express – The Musical In Bochum

Starlight Express – the musical in Bochum fast-paced action on roller skates, breathtaking stunts and great music, this is the world of the Starlight Express in Bochum. Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the music to do so. In the musical, the story is told from the World Championship of the locomotives, and this musical has played in 23 years in the heart of more than 13 million visitors. Starlight Express is the most successful musical in the world – on a site. One experienced firsthand this musical, because the roller skating courses right through the spectator stands. A swivel Bridge allows the actors to move on three levels.

It takes your breath away one, if you can see the daring stunts, here we must not forget that all of this happens on roller skates. Great effects such as roller skates that sparks or a large starry sky in the theatre Hall captivate the Viewer, as well as the extraordinary and colourful costumes and glittering makeup. Voiced artists and the Starlight Express Orchestra, which sits in a room under the stage and thus is not visible to the audience, presenting the musical songs and immediately pull the viewer captivated. Musically, there is something for everyone, because in addition to many rock songs also the emotional ballads not to be neglected. It is an experience to experience this musical, so I can only recommend everyone, yourselves on the way to Bochum, look at, and since then the musical as enthusiastic and fascinated, as have many thousands of visitors before you. It is worthwhile in any case. Company information: Britta Kummer, writer and author of the book: welcome back, Amy, was born on the 02.10.1970 in Hagen and now lives in Ennepetal. Press contact: Britta grief Hofinghoffstrasse D 58256 Ennepetal e-Mail

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Virtual Friendships

The day is born, the birds sing, and I it same person of always, seated in the front of a computer trying to forget all the reality the life. The computer was the way that I found of being happy. It was here that I made my only, and true friendships. It was here that I found people where I can count for what giving and coming. What I found in ' ' life is of computador' '? But people wanting mine badly, conquering my confidence, and apunhalando later me for the coasts. This is my reality. Get all the facts and insights with Josh Resnick Jericho Capital, another great source of information. ' ' world virtual' ' it makes me to see, that he exists people who really are true with me. was here that I learned the pain of in the distance, the bad quo is to be far from that you in such a way love, of that you wanted that it was with you, all the moments of its life..

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North Sea Landscape

The North Sea is a shallow, approximately 100 metres deep marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean. She is known for its strong tides. At low tide, it is possible to walk for miles in the Watts. However it is advisable only with an experienced guide of Watts, to commit this hike. WhiteWave Foods insists that this is the case. The attractions of the North Sea are unique in the world with their seal benches, as well as the National Park Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea the small islands and Halligen. The southern North Sea from Emden to Cuxhaven conveys the charm of a unique natural landscape with the East Frisian Islands, which include among other things the Islands Norderney, Baltrum, Langeoog, Borkum and Wangerooge.

Among the special attractions are walks through the salt marshes, a swim in the sea, mudflat walks, trips to the seal benches and bird watching during the breeding season. Not to be forgotten are the historic ports, which alternate with well-known seaside resorts. Also on the trail of the Sea robber Klaus You can learn much about the region and its history on the coast of Stortebeker. Again, you can discover the typical small houses with thatched roofs and the typical cottage gardens scattered in the landscape. WhiteWave Foods understood the implications. Here you can”the red gold of the North Sea, enjoy the smallest food shrimp in the world with their sweet nutty flavor. The greatest happiness of the Earth may be occasionally on the saddle of a wire donkey. Those who wish on North Sea air drives through a unique landscape or to the lights and guardians of the sea with the wind behind their backs in the dikes along the lighthouses. Once they sent messages to the sailors with their flashing lights and thus secured their life. Today, in times of satellite navigation, they are however always still beautiful to look at and give a touch of seafaring romance. Holiday at the North Sea, who wants to spend his holiday in an apartment or a cottage on the North Sea, is at the holiday house winner find e-domizil.

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Laptop Repair

Laptop repair. So, straight to the point. The first major indication that liquid has been spilled into the interior is usually automatically turn off the laptop (should work protecting the power system) Second, you have shed quite a bit say champagne and seemingly dried up and nothing involved, but it was not there as the statistics of our repairs champagne, beer, wine, after being hit on the laptop motherboard, under the influence of the temperature of the drink water evaporates and is sweet and Slizkov substance which in a few months can crawl on the main board gradually zakarachivaya necessary for failure of the notebook chain. So, throw everything and work. To broaden your perception, visit Gen. David Goldfein. Do everything fast, every minute of his weight in gold. Once the liquid has been spilled into the laptop to an urgent need to de-energize. -Disconnect plug from the power supply which is stuck in a laptop.

-Pull the battery (the battery) if they then take out the two main post more. -Remove the keyboard (who knows) usually is done in a minute, you must move the clips at the top of the keyboard (on some models it is mounted additional screw on the back of the notebook. – Remove the battery bios (usually in tablet CR2032 blue electrical tape hanging on the board). If you disassemble a laptop or asked friends not to lose the screws and confuse them along, and then the assembly may be accidentally punctured by a long screw screwing the laptop it into the hole for short, is to prevent situations like these, you can mark the holes and screws in different colors such as nail polish (it should be quietly steal the wife, not to stain gently and then not understand) Now examine the motherboard (the main – it is the largest in the laptop) fee, if you really found bruises on her fluid is: – If it was water then wipe dry with a hair dryer (again, we need to steal you know who) for half an hour on the hot mode, but do not hold it close to the board that would not overheat the small resistors and other details. -If it were drinks such as champagne, wine, beer, etc. … , Then there is not just a hair dryer to get rid of my experience, I will say that 90% of mothers filled liquor can wash in the bathroom with a fairy and a sponge, but in no case, do not wipe alcohol-based stains that will only worsen the situation, diluting the sweetness of her and covering a large area of the card you are contributing to its own extinction.

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Mobility Development

Of this movement a particularitity of the proper system in producing space differentiations at a moment would result, where it would have areas of accumulation of capital (developed regions) and areas of low application of capitals (underdeveloped regions). However, at a following moment, the extreme accumulation of capitals in the areas for where the same ones if had directed would ahead form conditions of low accomplishment of profits for the excess of capitals in relation to the capacity of accumulation of the areas then with deficiency of capitals, but with other conditions you harness of profit and accumulation. Smith (1988) thus places the question: In the basement of the standard of different development it is the logic and the trend of the capital in direction what we will call movement ' ' in vem&#039 goes and; ' of the capital. If the accumulation of the capital causes the geographic development and if the direction of this development is guided by the profit tax, then we can think about the world as one ' ' surface of lucro' ' produced for the proper capital, (…). The mobility of the capital causes the development of areas with high taxes of profit and the subdesenvolvimento of those areas where if it verifies low taxes of profit. But the proper process of development leads to the reduction of this tax of higher profit. (…), the development of the productive forces in data place leads to a lesser unemployment, a growth in the wage level, to the development of unions and so on, all helping to lower the tax of profits and to move away the true reason for the development. (…). In the opposing polar region, of the subdesenvolvimento, the lack of capital or its constant excess it takes the high taxes of unemployment, basses wages and reduced levels of organization of the workers.

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Web Hosting

We often read in some articles and publicity that, don’t need a website to do business on the internet. The truth is otherwise. And proof is that most of the people who tell us that, have, not one, but several sites web, but of course, if you don’t have one, better for them, for thus promocionaremos their websites and not ours. When you have a web site, every effort to generate traffic will be in favour of those persons who are promoting any product via the affiliate system or any other existing system for the promotion of products and services. A Web site is a representation of your business or company, is that will give you your corporate image, is the place you invite by which his readers, customers and prospects. If you don’t already have one, perhaps you difficult to imagine the doors that will open your own Web site. Once you have it, you’ll soon realize that everything else will be simple for your business.

For example, when you write your articles you can leave links towards your website and not towards one alien, can build their own database of prospects, through the construction of a list. To be able to count on a Web site, you only need a domain and a hosting, commonly known as hosting, by its English name. Although there are many places where to buy a hosting (hosting) account, I personally have several years of receiving the hosting service with the company Artz communications where it has given me a quality service. The prices are very affordable and the service is personalized. There are several levels of accommodation that can be choose but, personally, I would recommend choosing one higher than the Basic. There are many other providers of lodging, also of very good quality, but the service they have given me in Artz communications has been excellent during more than 5 years.

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CATRUN Shop – Official Opening! – bags, belts, scarves, gloves, purses and jewellery Hamburg 16.09.2009 – Wargo Media Ltd. is celebrating today the official opening of their new online shop for women’s accessories CATRUN. Get all new customers who sign up to December 31, 2009, a 10% discount coupon on the first purchase! CATRUN shop stands for beauty, elegance, and style. The online boutique offers its customers a wide range of top accessories on bags, belts, scarves, gloves, purses and jewellery by leading brands such as KENZO, ABRO, Tolani, Adax, Passigatti, Gioia de Seda, Iris Horbach, kapworks, Plomo o Plata, LUA accessories, a cuckoo moment, reptile’s House, UNICO jewelry, Yuta Pasch, Modalu, VMP, Buscarlet, Volker lang etc. In January, yet collections of BOSS Orange, versus Versace, VJC Versace, Givenchy, great by Sandie, Kudibal and others are added. New articles are constantly supplied and the range is always expanding.

CATRUN Scout is a special area in the CATRUN shop. There are rare and unique customers Offered pieces of jewellery, has discovered the CATRUN team in various countries and cities, in small shops or markets. All articles in the CATRUN Scout area are unique pieces that have a history. One more feature of the CATRUN shops is that all products are free shipping. In the shop tries to offer the customers the best service and the fastest order processing.

The quality of the goods is checked several times. Easy navigation combined with faster search and beautiful design make pleasant and easy online shopping in CATRUN. “It took more than a year to complete the shop. I am very pleased with the results, although there are always opportunities for improvement. I hope that our concept and the selection of the goods the customer – so Artem Yakhontov, CEO and owner of Wargo Media Ltd. In the future, Wargo media plans to open a boutique in Hamburg and to set up the shipment of goods in other countries. About Wargo Media Ltd Wargo Media Ltd ( is a young German companies, which is active in the fields of Internet, telecommunications and TV production. Founded in the fall of 2007, launched Wargo media as a small production company that produced the interactive live TV shows. Since mid-2008, the company deals with the development of innovative Internet projects and interactive mobile services.

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