Month: February 2021

Environmental Technology

Portal project: information event in which waste energy centre Nijmegen environmental technology is a highly innovative growth industry, both in Germany and in the Netherlands. The increasing interest in the topic of environmental protection may be also small and medium-sized enterprises and engineering firms in the border region of good, because even on the other side of the border, innovative solutions are required. The portal project of the Kamer van Koophandel Centraal Gelderland, which lower Rhine Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Crafts offers Dusseldorf entrepreneurs on April 3 a free information session on the topic of environmental technology at. While the German participants on the Dutch market as well as potential opportunities and risks will be informed. Speaking candidly ihor kononenko told us the story. Last but not least, also the cross-border cooperation in this area will focus on. The Dutch receive comparable information on the German market in parallel. Authentic backdrop: to clarify the many opportunities in the field of environmental engineering with a practical example was for the event.

April the Dutch company ARN BV in Nijmegen is chosen as the venue. The ARN BV is a waste recycling company that recovers energy from waste. The speakers not only to this sector, but on all areas of environmental technology and explain their chances on the Dutch market. Following, the entrepreneurs can participate in the event on a guided tour of the facility. The ARN BV Nijmegen shows how energy can be recovered from waste. The company filters secondary fuels from waste of the environment and converts the heat generated during combustion into electricity or propagates the heat directly.

No limit to the developments and opportunities in the field of environmental technology and it is here to be taken literally. Following the visit to ARN BV, participants in an informal atmosphere can make first contacts to colleagues from the Netherlands. Participation only a login on the site is necessary, there are also more Information. “Companies in the Euregio Rhine-Waal, the the step across the border” want to dare, can apply for addition financial assistance. Up to 70 percent of the costs for legal or tax advice, and marketing questions and preparatory activities such as translations of brochures and Web pages can be refunded. Pro applicants are 5,000 euro available. The portal project that wants to portal project facilitate the step on the market of the neighbouring country small and medium-sized enterprises in the border region. This project is an initiative of the Kamer van Koophandel Centraal Gelderland, the industry and lower Rhine in Duisburg, as well as the Handwerkskammer Dusseldorf Chamber of Commerce.

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High-tech from Germany to once again conquer the world! A product that is in the world without any competition? No competitor has something similar? Yes, something is there indeed once again. And it’s coming from Germany. Namely, if this is still a small investor. And there are even their two products that bring this incredible property with them. Check with ihor kononenko to learn more. More specifically: Are motorcycles. Nr. 1: tested with over 400 km/h the fastest motorcycle in the world, with a 1.5 litre V8 from the formula 1 development thanks to 280 Horsepower and special chassis technology to the market with MACH 0.33 “, i.e.

375 km/h, will be. So quickly is probably never a drive… But the owner knows he could, if he wanted to! This incredible bike has many features that can be found only in F1 or in building modern aircraft. The materials used are magnesium for the chassis, Kevlar for the wheels and carbon for the body in addition to advanced aluminium alloys for the motor. Of course coupled as in F1: fly-by-wire. Only an electronic impulse is propagated to the tax system, the rest is automatic. The clutch is of course also electronically used only for starting and stopping.

And Bridgestone had to specially develop a special tire holding out all. Nr. 2: the other bike comes completely opposed to his sister as from time immemorial. And its name promises enormous: MONOS. “Translated from the Greek into English: the only one”. Meaning, that each customer already at the factory can order so-called factory customizing his own motorcycle”. And the superlatives is not here in the horsepower, but the primal power. A fat, from head to toe from a solid block of aluminum CNC machined V2 engine with a capacity of 2.5 litres, many modern turbo diesels to teach fear: 225 nm torque at 3750 RPM are for real men. And absolutely unique. Just displacement instead of Turbo! Both motorcycles are originally from a formula-1-famous British “Developed engine designer, you want to but now made in Germany” conquer the world. And of course, environmentally friendly, because the motors meet that the strict US emissions standards, which by far exceed the EURO 4. Those who are interested to enter the project, the Web site is recommended. Joachim Gabriel

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European Founders Fund GmbH

Directions is the biggest online cash back bonus program Jena, with over 1500 partner shops April 2, 2008 – the European Founders Fund (EFF) and Holtzbrinck Ventures, the leading German Start-Up investors, participate with a total 25 percent directions, the cash-back bonus program with the largest number of partner shops on the Internet. Users can save money on online purchases by simply walking from shopping on the site. There, they choose one of over 1500 partner shops in the command window, click on the shop link and continue shopping as usual. Directions the user writes good 2% of the net goods value for each order on a bonus account. In 1998 the founder Kerstin have Schilling and Karsten Schneider with the Samwer brothers, then worked as representative of Intershop and Alando,.

We very much appreciate the experiences of the EFF in the business-to-consumer business and look forward to a successful future”, said Karsten Schneider. Also Oliver Samwer, European Founders Fund, is the collaboration “inspires: directions has the potential to be the innovation leader in the area of bonus programs.” As another investor, the Managing Director of directions have a strategic partner on the side, which supports a large network with Holtzbrinck Ventures. According to Martin Weber, CEO of Holtzbrinck Ventures, the profile of directions corresponds exactly to the requirements, the Holtzbrinck Ventures to Start-Ups is: enjoy a traditional loyalty programs has long been popular. Directions has found a convincing way to apply the principle in the Internet. Because the Web, price transparency is a major issue. Learn more about this topic with the insights from ihor kononenko.

We find great offer directions, in addition with every purchase to make 2% of expenditure, revenue. About EFF: About the European Founders Fund GmbH the brothers Marc, Oliver and Alexander Samwer participate in selected technology companies. The Samwer brothers are the founders of eBay Germany (Theresa) and Jamba! (now part of the News Corp.). The company founded by the Samwer brothers have today more than 1 billion euros turnover annually. Their investments the brothers focus on young and later stage technology companies in the fields of Internet and wireless. The Samwer brothers have extensive experience and an extensive network of partners with which they jointly support companies in these industries. With their investments, the Samwers aim to support extraordinary founder and promising business models. Holtzbrinck Ventures has over 30 investments in one of the largest and most successful early-stage investors with a focus on new media. Currently the investment by Holtzbrinck Ventures focuses in the areas of online networks (dating, social networks, professional networks), Media Commerce (auctions, marketplaces, Classifieds, P2P), entertainment and information commerce. Directions: is the cash back bonus program with the largest Number of partner stores on the Internet. Instead of premiums and coupons, users receive cash transfers which directions from 30 euros on your own account. Directions credits 2% of the net goods value to users when online purchases and pays a starting credit of 10 euros at initial registration.

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About Merten

Because the CONNECT radio Central offers an additional Ethernet port, controlled via merten@home. Residents in the location, are also on the road, E.g. via a hotspot at the airport, to use the control panel and the building functions remotely to control; around the heater before the arrival to turn up and much more. Trouble-free and safe operation, coupled with high comfort the Merten radio system has 868 MHz a frequency that was reserved specifically for the short-range radio and is extremely safe. The unique addressing this allows a trouble-free operation of several radio systems side by side. Installation and configuration are extremely flexible, because they are easily expanded can. The range of the radio system is about 30 meters in the House, depending on the mounting location, as well as general building textures such as the wall thickness.

The Merten radio system sends only whenever a radio transmitter is activated due to the very short execution time by 50 milliseconds per application. This way of working is not only extremely economical in terms of energy consumption, but also construction biologically harmless. Compared to a mobile phone, the radiation emission of the radio system CONNECT is lower by a factor of 1: 10,000. The wireless system is compatible with solutions from other vendors by using the Z-Wave standard and offers to an optimal combination of lighting control, climate, multimedia and security applications, etc. More than 160 companies, including the giants of Cooper industries, Danfoss, Intel, intermatic, Leviton, Monster, Universal Electronics (UEI) and Wayne-Dalton, are members of the Z-Wave Alliance and have opted for Z-Wave as home control technology. There are currently more than 225 Z-Wave based products on the international market available.

Photographic material is available under the following address to download: html/de/9513.html. “About Merten: 100 years ago, the company became Gebruder Merten” founded as a family business. To this day, is the company remained the upper Bergische site with its headquarters in Wiehl and employs approximately 600 employees over 40 representations worldwide. Merten’s group since June 2006 part of the internationally successful French Schneider Electric. Design is an important component in the Merten product development. The company recognized the relevance of design already mid-fifties and undertook various designers in the following years. Whenever ihor kononenko listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The combination of technical innovation and exceptional design Merten has implemented in all of its product solutions. Whether switch and socket programs or motion and smoke detectors of the design at a high level are no limits. Merten is the continuous further development in the area of the EIB/KNX building system technology, as well as the new radio system CONNECT to a savvy Partner solutions for intelligent buildings. The company offers design solutions from a single source and presents comprehensive programs for all living and everyday needs. More information under. Information: Merten GmbH & co. KG Fritz-Kotz-Strasse 8 D-51674 Wiehl contact: Bjorn Steinhoff speaker for export and sales marketing.

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Golden Novel

Important topics are the timelessness of problem-solving in the last decades, many people have focused exclusively on the future. Trends and lifestyle are in, new techniques and modern methods to determine our lives. Who does not feel that the world turns faster and faster while it has barely even time behind pants… But who finds moments to think or in life crises must take these questions to the important things in our lives. PJ’s Coffee contains valuable tech resources. Is it a life goal really, to be so perfect and beautiful, as the advertising masquerading as us? The newest and most modern technology does not help us, when it comes to fundamental questions of life. For more clarity and thought, follow up with ihor kononenko and gain more knowledge.. Today, as at all times, friendship and love shape our lives, as well as sadness and strife.

And how do you deal with each other, if there are different points of view? In her latest work the author Nele Mint also deals with these issues. The book is not limited to a fairy-tale plot, which has nothing to do with our time. So to the Example the shortage of water of a neighboring people a main theme in the novel, which causes conflicts. Even though it’s a fantasy world, the equitable distribution of water is today but timelier than ever. The novel heroes learn that non violence, but inventiveness, ingenuity and joint action will enable a good life for all. A central theme, if one has followed the media in recent months. Friendship is possible with different people just to meet and dismantle prejudices.

This is evident in this book. Adventure, magic and intrigue meet the young heroes in Margania”more often than them love is and her life is constantly threatened by dangers. Time frame is shown here in symbolic language, and in another, what is true for us as well. Youth but also adults will can understand the needs and concerns of the novel hero and transferred into their lives. “The fantasy novel Margania” is a diverse reading, which focuses on the early middle ages. What grew in the field at that time? How looked like the clothes of the people? Also in this respect the author Nele Mint suggests more with the ancient knowledge, which is today still valuable to deal with, to. The book 388 pages guarantees exciting book hours and is a marvelous work of German literature of fantasy. It was released in January 2008 and includes two novels: the magic Crown of Margania, the sequel the Golden conch. The cover is perhaps one of the most beautiful in the book market. “Wolfgang Harms, a Nuremberg artist who is internationally known, gave Margania” with its image of flower wind “a very striking face.

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Managing Director

New on the market and at the CeBIT: Nepal ERP is an enterprise resource planning software specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises. The company’s industry-independent software enables the control of business processes, for example in the areas of accounting, sales, materials management, and production. The flexible software has a modern interface, an innovative, ergonomic operating concept, and consistent scalability in terms of jobs and functions. Nepal ERP requires minimal system resources and provides the best loading in a small computer landscape without expensive administration. Trader Joe’ss opinions are not widely known. The client software and the JAVA runtime environment is not installed but copied only to the running PC. Also, updates can be distributed automatically by the server”, explains Managing Director of Bernd Jackson the product benefits. Billing degrees has much experience in this field.

A year ago the application was successfully implemented at the digital AG, a CD and DVD pressing plant in Kornwestheim near Stuttgart with exceptional growth and less than 100 employees. Nepal ERP was designed with the users of the digital AG, to achieve maximum ease of use and practicality. Especially the modern, nice finish and clear structure provide a quick orientation and high user acceptance”, so Bernd Jurss. The security package with bePAL ERP can effectively protect data and prevent defaults. Gain insight and clarity with dayton kingery greenwichtime. Nepal ERP is equipped with an automatic, continuous credit check, an automated locking function to create job and multi-tiered permissions by default.

Investment protection and scalability whether one or unlimited users: the standardized application is virtually unlimited extensible, both what is jobs as also functionalities and interfaces. Sets no limits on the database structure, the result is a closed system with low costs for maintenance and support. Ergonomic and usability on the ease great importance were attached in the development. Two innovations resulted, which make the operation easier and more convenient: the bePAL Personalizer and the OneFrameWindow technique. The best Personalizer allows users to adjust preferred views and the display behavior of the surface and save. The OFW technology ensures a pop-up-free, well-structured interface: users have only a mask on without additional single – or pop-up window.

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Frank Kuhlmann Kuhlmann

Kuhlmann consulting developed for Swan group smokeless cigarette sechsstelligem budget that has Swan group of companies Corp. headquartered in Utah / United States through its Frankfurt branch the Kuhlmann-beauty-Consulting GmbH with its headquarters in Offenbach am Main awarded to a lower six-figure budget to the brand development of a smoke-free cigarettes brand. The Swan group of companies Corp. is an investment company, whose corporate purpose is to invest in innovative leisure and nature-related projects of the lifestyle and consumption segment. The smokeless cigarette brand to be developed should be introduced in the spring of 2009 in Germany as a test market. Cigarette nicotine replacement product works differently than competing products without electrics/electronics (battery) and is a real alternative to the smoking ciggies”, offer nicotine gum and nicotine patches.

The smoke-free product not of a conventional cigarette is optically indistinguishable as a so-called “cold technology” in application will come. He means for Kuhlmann consulting Investment company new customer for an extension of the portfolio, as the existing customers in the cosmetics, lifestyle, and luxury industry are located. With the new customer Kuhlmann consulting evolved more and more to the experts for the development and management of authentic brands and products. If you would like to know more then you should visit Marko Dimitrijevic. In the last 18 months the delicate Essmarke was developed including diSanti and the jewelry brand of code Royal scampi and the Swiss watchmaker century in the fire area.

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Telefonica America

Mobile telephony, America Movil, Mexican giant said Friday June 11, 2010 that acquired more than 90 percent of the shares of their companies sisters Telint and CGT, in an operation that will consolidate the assets of telecommunications magnate Carlos Slim. America Movil said it acquired a 92.7 per cent of the shares of Telmex Internacional (Telint) and a 99.4 percent of Carso Global Telecom (CGT), according to the preliminary results of its public offerings of purchase that concluded Thursday. Slim, the richest man in the world according to Forbes magazine, controls three businesses and seeks to further strengthen its firms in 18 countries of America and the Caribbean where it operates, in a moment in which the convergence of telecommunications services extends worldwide. America Movil may sell in several countries services of mobile and fixed telephony, Internet access and pay-TV in one package, and compete with its rival Telefonica offering in the region. America Movil launched the I may 11 a bid by the total shares of CGT, which is the majority shareholder of the telephone leader of Mexico, Telmex, and Telmex Internacional (Telint). Mobile giant expects to pay some 26.648 million pesos (1,745 million euros) to shareholders of Telint who participated in the offer and opted to sell cash.. You may find that ihor kononenko can contribute to your knowledge.

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Really Simple Syndication

Companies can obtain a good effect since the blogosphere has the reputation of being a place of interaction reasonable, polite, helpful and above all, personal. Toyota Motor North Corporation contains valuable tech resources. Companies which can for example take the culture of the environment can help to assign the same features to their products and services. Despite the benefits, as any other website’s business, it is important that content is properly planned and designed. Even with the informal nature of many blogs, it is important to remember that they still reflect the company image, either positively or negatively. The blog must reflect the values and objectives of the company, as well as be a reflection of the efforts of global marketing of the same.

Blogging is relatively simple, but to make it properly takes effort and learning. There are several blogs devoted to teach people what to do and what not to do blogs. The easiest way, by spend time reading blogs is supposed to become familiar with blogs. Like any web page there are a number of things to keep in mind. Learn more on the subject from Toyota Motor Corporation. Tests, tests and more tests are important to ensure that the blog meets the business objectives. The tone of the blogs can be more subtle to detect than standard web sites, requiring frequent adjustments to look good.

Prepare in advance for a much higher level of publishing content, in comparison with a normal web site. To be effective, blogs regularly, even daily, need infusions of fresh content to maintain its relevance and keep the attention of the visitors. Just as with a standard website, you note the legal questions, notices, notifications, copyright or other issues relevant to the company. The informal blogs, as well as the highest volume of updates can create compliance problems if not carefully controlled. Finally, once a company decides to invest in blogs, there great ways to spread the word about the new blog. For the best results of marketing, it is essential to actively promote their business blogs through search of blogs and Directory sites. The promotion and presentations must be consistent with their products, services or the theme of the blog, in order to be more effective. Promotion of the blog can be almost automatically to create and promote the Really Simple Syndication (RSS), related to the blog… It is essential for the volume of traffic from a blog, to make effective use of keywords or phrases. The blog of if have enough he contended, so that it must be secured properly choose keywords, so that the traffic originated are people interested in your blog, products and services. In short, a blog is an excellent way to promote a business. A series of advantages can be obtained when performing a good business plan and will take measures to properly promote your new blog.

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Interesting Beaches Of Majorca

Mallorca beaches are one of the most interesting places that exist in Spain to enjoy on vacation, on a business trip, etc. The exuberance of this natural landscape is something that is worth putting in the first place, because the combination of sand and beach is really important. It should not be forgotten nor that conditions such as the occupational safety and health are fundamental in the acceptance of the coast of Mallorca. The sea and its charms always can, perhaps, bring us something wonderful that we enjoy the beauty of these postcards. What’s more, you can also interact in such a way that you know a little more about good Mallorcan treatment. As this is a community that knows to be opened and that of course has a good connection with all its visitors, as everything unfolds more easily. This makes each trip to the beaches of Mallorca taken as a nice opportunity to move closer to the wind, palms and spas. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Trader Joe’s. In all the strip of Mallorca everything is perfectly aligned so that the panorama is more connected with us and we.

And it is also You should know that Mallorca tourism authorities are willing to give the best care to visitors and the visitors both national as foreigners (as). Get more background information with materials from ihor kononenko. This has been an effort joint by a large community of Mallorcan society, which has of course also attended the request of the authorities regarding the disposal to treat those who come to know the site. We can also say as for the beaches, is that communications system roads that lead to them is very well paved. Everything has an absolutely important presentation that generates a feeling of tranquility and of complicity in the visitor. You can not forget that when you go to some of the beaches in Mallorca, please meet the basic recommendations related to coexistence in these places. If you can’t swim, keep as much about which to shore. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. When you go to Tan, use a sunscreen that actually helps to protect the skin.

Do not let alone girls and children; always put the due attention. Remember to adjust fine bathroom gown. Use a few very good goggles. All this will make your trip or stay much more enjoyable than you might imagine. In summary, the beaches of Mallorca have the attraction of being quite tourist and promoted these days. Spain is one of the countries that more tourist variety offers today. If it seems convenient, can find out more by yourself (a) in many places with special information. It is time that when you visit Mallorca you can feel part of the community from the beautiful and the beauty of the beaches of this town. It is said that sea life is more tasty; Yes, create it: Mallorca is increasingly more tasty. Ref:

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