Although there are currently many grants and subsidies to renovate Windows, thanks to Renove the autonomous communities plans and tax breaks in the tax return that benefit reforms that have to do with the insulation improvements at home, sometimes not the budget comes to change the Windows of our House. Or it may be that these Windows are of good quality and isolate the interiors to perfection, but we are simply tired of their ugly aluminum frames in metal grey (or even gold) on occasions that fashionable were years ago. If this is your case, there is a solution to renew them completely, although it implies a good job on your part: paint losmarcos. Please visit Gen. David Goldfein if you seek more information. To do this, you will need masking tape, roll of glazing with various spare parts, a (very resistant) synthetic type sealant primer and a synthetic satin esmalte-laca, of the color that more you like it. Frames must be well clean, degreased and dry before you begin. First thing that do is to mask the glass and wall with tape, then apply a coat of sealant on aluminum and with roller.

When it dries, it is convenient to give hand and let dry until the next day. The esmalte-laca is applied in the same way in a total of at least three hands; until it dries completely, we will remove the masking tape to clean possible stains of paint remaining on the glass. Another option is to use paint spray for car bodies; its result is impeccable, but leave quite more expensive, must be perfectly masking the entire area and we have to use them with mask and eye protection. Original author and source of the article