If your intention is to build a house with an attic at once, but now there are a large number of diverse projects from which to choose for you a suitable alternative. But what if the house is already built and the roof, and you wanted instead of the banal attic of his house to have additional living space without significant additional investments in the form of the attic? Especially without the attic you can not do, having a large family. Especially, if there is adult children. Build a loft makes sense – it can significantly increase the residential area of the house at the same site area. Moreover, experience shows that it is possible: from the attic to attic at home. Learn more at this site: Global Medical Billing. Modern technologies allow to turn the attic into a full floor, where you can create different premises: the nursery, bedroom, office, living room and even a gym. At the equipment under the attic attic costs are quite small – because the basic structure already in place. It remains only to lay the floors, make a ladder and wall cladding for new homes.

Next is to determine: it will be summer (Unheated) attic or insulated, winter. Of course, winter attic will cost a bit more expensive, but still its costs will be significantly below the cost of new housing. Alteration of cold loft in the attic warm requires a balanced approach and we should start with a detailed examination of truss construction. Necessary to ascertain the carrying capacity ceiling beams. If the overlap is not sufficient strong, the beam must build up from the bottom board or an appropriate section timbers, joining them along the entire length by means of screws or clamps.

From time immemorial, our ancestors built their houses with attics. And it is not surprising, as unheated attic space balances the temperature drops in winter to protect from the cold and in summer from the heat. In the attic of the house performs the function of the intermediary roofing insulation.