The concept of the six guys from the Upper Palatinate, which still rehearsing in a converted cowshed, is still the same. “The 2nd” contains new songs, new cover songs as well as cover songs that already know their fans from their legendary live performances. And yet, an evolution is clearly visible. Rock-based than the first CD (“pop music”), but still with many Volxelementen. Ballads of heartache (“it hurts just yet”) but also to dream (“rediscover”) as well as party hit with good mood guarantee (“Everything is good”, “back to you”). A CD that can be played on every occasion. On the way into the party weekend, on his way home from the party weekend, vacuum cleaning, car washing, front of the PC, behind the couch (one also making), on the beach at the apres ski. There are many life situations, in which “The 2nd” the trough Lauer Buam CD should keep players or mp3 players. Another huge step of six heavy folk from the Upper Palatinate not only “world famous in Trough LAU”, but soon also throughout Germany to inspire the nation with their fresh natural music. The second large trough Lauer Buam fan meeting will be held on the 04.07.09 in the Kemnath instead of the over 6,000 fans are expected. Source: Julia Griese Ariola release date: 03.07.2009 trough Lauer Buam TV: 11.07.09 – ZDF – the big summer Open-Air with Marianne & Michael July – ZDF television garden trough Lauer Buam live on tour: 26.06.09 Plankenstetten 27.06.09 Schneckenlohe 03.07.09 Koditz 04.07.09 reunion Kemnath 05.07.09 Frammersbach 06.07.09 Strullendorf 10.07.09 Bad Neustadt 11.07.09 Wurz 12.07.09 Kemnath 07.24.09 Nurn 27.07.09 Bishop green SIB of Larrieden links: