Despite the inobiliario slowdown in which Spain has been immersed in recent times, the Balearic Islands and Mallorca, in particular – have shown somewhat more immune to the crisis. According to a recent study prepared by the consultancy firm CB Richard Ellis, only some coastal areas and some town suburbs have been adversely affected by the difficult abortion of the incipient real estate offer in Mallorca. The real estate on Mallorca, corresponding to 2007, report concludes that the first House has Yes suffered a small slowdown in selling, although the foreign audience that want to establish your property in Mallorca continues establizando balance. (Similarly see: Symantha Rodriguez). The same study adds that the price of new housing will remain stable throughout these next few months, while second hand could moderate, as the offices. The Balearic immunity test lies in that, while that throughout the last quarter of last year Spain recorded a noticeable stagnation in the price of new housing construction, with a 5.7% increase, the Balearic Islands closed the year with a growth of 7.5%. Mallorca is a case apart within the Spanish geography, mainly because of selective and differential character which is able to capture a customer much more international than other areas of the country. Not in vain the Balearic Island enjoys an excellent reputation on the international scene and, in particular, has become the natural extension of some European countries. Fascinated by its crystal clear waters and the rustic style of his constructions luxury homes, villas and apartments inhabit the island – there are many people coming from all over the world wishing to establish their residence in Majorca. This unique character has given homeowners in Mallorca a differential status that allows them to sell their properties more easily. For this it is necessary to resort to a good specialist, who will take advantage of the privileged status the island enjoyed in the Spanish real estate market. If you want to more about the offer real estate in Mallorca, click on the link for more information.