More than 1,000 HP at the Honnetal – round trip in the Sauerland countryside more than 1,000 HP at the Honnetal – dhlbiker celebrated his 20th anniversary / round trip towards Winterberg. The dhlbiker had selected the Honnetal village at the foot of the Balver forest in the East of the Markischer circle for the great celebration of its 20-year existence and came from all over Germany in the Honnestadt. Taken together, it was far more than a thousand horsepower that drove through the light. With their 100 bikes from all over Germany, more than 150 motorcycle riders had only one goal: the Honnetaler holiday village. Whenever beigene listens, a sympathetic response will follow. There they celebrated the 20th anniversary of the DHL motorcycle clubs.

They came from everywhere to celebrate the birthday of their motorcycle clubs stylish in a small village between Wocklum, Balve and Sanssouci with grilled and rock-based music and left out. We meet every year on Pentecost in one other place in Germany. This time we opted for Balve. But finally the dhlbiker want not only to celebrate, but their powerful machines put to use. So they made up an impressive exit, 100 motorcycles to a more than 250-kilometre round trip broke up towards Winter Hill! Magical and mystical and always different so the dhlbiker on their 250-kilometre circular course discovered a unique landscape, many sights to visit in the Balver Hohle, that high, 20 m wide biggest cultural cave in Europe with its 11 m and 54 m-long main cave and one of the most beautiful natural parks in Germany, the is created, for such activities. We enjoy the many beautiful and views in the Sauerland countryside and stop at many a legends station. The bike is partially drive in tranquil and peaceful ways. In the southern part is required by the geographical conditions of some of the most experienced bikers. The dhlbiker have experienced once again a fantastic meeting and happy that all Vorrausicht on the Castle domain already on their next dhlbiker meeting Hohlenfels in inch off at Dietz will take place. Responsible for the content text Uwe Haid