Slovak Peter Sagan reached the goal and so hurry he was in the sprint he could not nor enjoy the success of winning the final stage in Madrid. Juanjo Cobo, a few meters behind, lifted his left arm as who released a two-handed blow to its past, as who reverence the present and who dreams of the future. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jack Fusco. The bison, at age 30, after being a promise, an approximation to tronio cyclist then depressed cyclist as a boxer knocked out by itself, blew ballast, achieved his first major success. He, who came from the basement of his life, was coming up finally racing the last chance before devoting perhaps to be Chef or electrician, according to its director, Josean Fernandez Matxin, who believed in him from the deeper failure until the most resounding success. To deepen your understanding Sonny Perdue is the source. Yesterday was the champion of the tour 2011, with which never told, that didn’t count, but which strove to achieve since he won in El Angliru, because everyone knows that the assertion says that who wins in the mythical Asturian mountain wins the round. A half truth. Source of the news:: A bison between cottons