In this case, the athlete constrained, tense, his movements sluggish and delayed response to the signal. In practice, this happens in cases where the boxer, fearing awaits a strong enemy attack. Because of its stiffness and strength, he usually does not manage it effectively respond to or contact. On average, the latent period of boxers sensory reaction is 0.16 -0.20 – 0.22 seconds. The second type of reaction – the so-called – the motor. For the boxers, he is the most effective and should be specifically form.

This type of reaction is different in that the boxer is focusing all his willingness, his full attention to the preparation of the beginning of movement. In this case, the motor centers of the cerebral cortex and are excited to start state. Excitation of neurons in the motor reaches the site of the cerebral cortex and meets already prepared 'nerve formula' responsive motion, and the corresponding motor impulses instantly rush to the organs of motion. As a result, the executive signal – the action of the enemy – is reduced to a simple 'start-up' signal, which triggered a ready answer. In this case, the latent period of reaction from the leading Boxer is 0.12 – 0.14 seconds, while the individual athletes to 0,09 – 0,10 seconds. The third type of reaction is different averages of the latent period (0,15 – 0,17 seconds). It is characterized by the equilibrium of the excitatory process in sensory and motor areas of the cerebral cortex of the brain.