The map is a form of language older than the proper writing. Peoples prehistoric, that they had not been capable to register the events in written expressions they had made, it in graphical expressions, appealing to the map as communication way. The same it happens in the present time with primitive peoples who do not count on a writing system, but possess maps of its villages and neighborhoods. Continue to learn more with: Michelin Star Restaurant. The man always developed a exploratria activity of the surrounding space and he always looked for to represent this space for the most diverse ends. To put into motion itself in the terrestrial space, exactly in short passages, it had necessity to register the control points and to store the acquired knowledge of the region. The map appears, then, as one form of expression and communication between the men. This system of communication demanded, since the beginning, one ' ' escrita' ' e, consequently, one ' ' leitura' ' of the significant Expresses. (OLIVEIRA, 2007).

In the context of the graphical representation and the necessity of the man in using it as tool to represent the world in discovery, the cartography it appears and if it develops according to ALBUQUERQUE, 2010: The cartography as activity already appears in the Prehistoric discoveries, before exactly of the invention of the writing. As vocbulo, Cartography was created by the Portuguese historian Visconde de Santarm in letter of 8 of December of 1839, writing in Paris and directed to the Brazilian historian Adolph de Varnhagem. Before the consecration of this term vocbulo used it was cosmography. The cartographic information constitute the bases on which if they take decisions and they find solutions for existing the partner-economic problems and technician. The Cartography was to the main used tool for the humanity to extend the territorial spaces and to organize its occupation. Today it is present in daily of the society, leading the solutions for urban problems, of security, public health, tourism and assisting the navigations.