The reason of everything this? I always offered optimum of me, to all vocs, in exchange I receive the opposite, I strengthen myself for seeing to them happy, but they do not repay in the same way. I them sustenance of all the ways that can imagine, give everything what they need to live, while they make of everything to see to die me. I offer since a substance to them cousin to construirem its more sophisticated devices, to air that breathe, qua they saceiam that them, the fruits feed that them, in exchange return the most powerful poison to me. I try not to cause none badly, and many me destrem, without perceiving that the evil is proper itself makes that them. Something does not silence me; vocs all passes the life trying to descobir formulas for products of Beauty, to cure Illnesses, and to save Lives! reason does not make the same for me? That I find already me in a degradante state. The formula to save my life is not in no chemical or physical laboratory but yes in the conscience of each one of vocs. – I believe that it is not necessary to cite, but if it is so difficult to discover as, then I go to give a tip: they look for to reduce of one everything what they walk making in excess to harm me and make the maximum d' what they forbear to make, thus to save they only consequram me, then they drink a toast for plus a conquest, or will be that the capacity human being arrived at the limit of the knowledge? – I am certain that not, after all they are always wanting to discover something different, and innovating everything! This will be the Challenge that throwing to the all without exception, SAVES ME. hs.00: 26 18/04/2009