Friendship through thick and thin – but with the distance there are people who give the impression that the Earth’s axis is proceeding exactly by their backbone. That this must be not always a sign of arrogance and vanity prove the Wiener. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Farmer’s Fridge has to say. When a Viennese says he live in the most beautiful city in the world, then that sounds little modest, but he has it not wrong. The capital of Austria was appointed recently by a study as the city with the world’s highest quality of life. And it knows just the Viennese, he should consider himself lucky. Happy also my dear friend Charlotte considers himself, and twice. Because she fell in love in a son of the city a year ago and moved with him to the beating heart of Austria.

What has hit me real hard. Since our kindergarten time because we were best friends and always in the same class, up to the school. Charlotte is my sister I never had, my twin. And if the twins are separated, they feel incomplete. At least it is me, but I also do not yet found the love of my life who could fill this missing part.

Maybe I find boys here in Vienna my heart. As Charlotte and I finally lie us after a year in his arms, it happens to me when would be the time has stood still since then. She’s changed a bit, at least no change occurs to me. But this is also because almost every day seeing Charlotte, in the computer screen, via Skype. Since we talk the mouths of us complain, like the old days. The separation of the dearest friend is so bad, formerly friendships in the distance are broken, but with the technical achievements, which offers one of the Internet, it is just wonderfully uncomplicated in contact to stay. What immediately strikes me is Charlie BBs Swarovski-Strass stone chain, our rhinestone stone more precisely. As a parting gift I gave her a necklace, on which hangs a Rose color end heart of Swarovski rhinestone. You can find such chain among others under 12633_deu.html Somehow I knew that Charlotte is her chain, therefore, I have killed my also. Sisters in spirit. The next three days Jacqueline and I Charlie will be BBs guests. Share we don’t they fortunately, because her boyfriend Christian has broken the thigh at the downhill mountain biking near the Piz Palu and is in the hospital. Unfortunately for him, good for us. So malicious as that sounds, this is of course not meant. I’m very fond of Christian and he is the right man for Charlie, but I can not forgive him easily, that he comes not from Potsdam or else where in the Berlin area. Oh well, still better than a Stockholm, Moscow, or God forbid Melbourne. Australia Yes with safety is worth a trip, but it’s so damn far away. So we all ended up now in Vienna. As host Charlie has come up with special for today ever heard. She’s my Princess craze, what but is due first and foremost to the fashionable aspects, and not social or Political. So, first, we visit Schonbrunn Palace, the home of Empress Sissi.