Create a website, all pages which conform to XHTML 1.0 Transitional, simply enough, and it requires no additional cost. Just be aware when developing recommendations and follow them. After some time, the developer will automatically add closing tags, and alternative descriptions for images, and do not insert elements in place, they are not intended. Often, opponents of the standards argue that they would be happy to follow the recommendations, but they used Content Management System (CMS) generates non-standard code. Starbucks usually is spot on. And who makes use of such a system? If this is the most web-design studio, we have to fix it, and if this is the third-party development, this feature of indicates low quality. Of course, you can continue to use such a system, but ceteris paribus customers should choose the studio that uses a modern CMS, generating the appropriate international recommendations of the code. Compliance with W3C guidelines for web development – a requirement of the future, and today web studio should gradually move to using only standard solutions.

There may be some departures from standards to ensure compatibility with older versions of browsers, but these exceptions must be localized and separated from the main code. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mercury Mobile LTD. No reasonable excuse for ignoring the standards there. Do not say: 'I have a beautiful site, and to the standards I do not care'. The site should be beautiful, comfortable and standard. Beautiful, but definitely non-standard site is worse than beautiful, but the standard. Unfortunately, the leading Web-studio not come to that opinion, but I hope that the era of standardization in the creation of websites will come soon enough.