Most of the devices that when used they generate heat when they work for a long time, need to make use of the systems of cooling to prevent overheating and therefore to stop working. Cooling systems aims to control high temperatures that are generated when a device is running, reduce them to these not sacrifice the performance of them and avoid the wear and tear on parts. These systems work with different methods, some use liquid coolants such as automobiles, refrigerators, chillers etc., and there are others that are worth ventilation as the CPUs of computers. Based on air cooling is used in small engines since the amount would have to be much for a big motor and one of its advantages is that we will never find a leak. On the other hand, cooling systems-based liquid which is also known as antifreeze work with bigger machines and are also excellent reliability, since the water is cooler for excellence and these antifreeze liquids improve their qualities making it ideal for this use. Speaking candidly EPA and DHA told us the story.

The composition of cooling systems has some basic parts. A system based on liquid must have a radiator, thermostat, hoses, temperature bulb, a fan, a water pump, a hopper and tanks for liquid. His way of working, in general, is as follows: when an engine temperature rises, water pump drives the liquid of the engine towards the radiator, where passes air produced by a fan coming down and disperses the temperature of the liquid back into the engine through a few hoses and then start again. On the other hand, a system that runs on air boasts fan, hose, thermostat, temperature bulb, hopper and works by activating a ventilator, which will produce air that leads to the motor by absorbing the temperature and then passes through a radiator for cooling. The hot air is expelled to the outside and there is always fresh air intake. The companies in charge of the sale of cooling systems can provide you with each of the pieces and parts that make up the systems, in the same way give you information for your constant monitoring and also provide maintenance when you need it. Different common systems that are commercialized include systems for automobiles, refrigerators, air conditioners, chillers etc.