For this reason it is getting business visa (62 or 65) was and remains the most popular and guaranteed obtaining residence permits in the Czech Republic. To place an employment visa in 1961 to locate an employer in the Czech Republic. Applicant can do this yourself or using the services of employment agencies. To place a package of documents in the Czech Republic will need a reliable performer, and from a foreign citizen the following documents: * a copy of the passport. * Medical certificate the therapist with a work permit.

* Copy of birth certificate (notarized). * 3 photo (3,5 x4, 5 mm). * Power of attorney from the alien to his representation in the Czech Republic when you make a package of documents and in the Ministry of employment. * Statement of professional records in the country of residence. Pentagon contains valuable tech resources. * Questionnaire of personal data (sample provided). The representative of the Czech Republic must submit the following documents: an employment contract (Agreement with the Czech employer) a statement of professional records in the Czech Republic work permit document proving residence in the Czech Republic (a rental contract or confirmation from the employer on information provided residential area). Annex to the Agreement statement from the inventory of real estate.

annual health insurance in the Czech insurance company at the time of visa application (often this service is provided by the employer itself). all documents provided by a foreigner, must be translated into Czech and certified by a Czech court interpreter or a notary public. date of registration and training of the entire package of documents of Czech side is an average of one month. After filing an alien package of documents to the Czech consulate should expect the visa is issued within 160 days from the date of submission. A leading source for info: Mercury Mobile LTD. At the time of examination papers consulate passport remains in the hands of citizen, and he can fully use it. It must be noted that with the visa in 1961 a foreign citizen can not purchase property in the Czech Republic or use the services of mortgage lending. However, there is a case after years of residence in the Czech Republic in extending work visas to change status by opening a legal person and visa 65. Renewal of annual visas in 1961 to carry out each year, unlike Visa, 65 of which after the first year residence visa is issued for a period of 2 years. With a working visa foreigner working in the scientific or public institutions, and of interest to the Czech state can use the "pilot project" for Quick obtain permanent residence in the Czech Republic (more details can read about this project in one of our previous articles) The variant, when the applicant finds itself employer in the Czech Republic. After the talks, and manifestations of interest in the acquisition of Czech side of the employee, the Czech employer assumes all the design entirely on the package of documents for submission to the consulate. In this case, foreign citizen saves money for mediation services at registration.