Daniel Schuhmacher at the exclusive interview Frankfurt am Main, January 21, 2010 knowledge why Daniel Schuhmacher has knocked out the new year’s Eve invitation by Ralf Schumacher? Or what he thinks of RTL and the current American Idol season? Or with which song he would try to convince his worst critic? These and other interesting and previously unheard insights he elicit himself in an interview with S-I-D-S (support initiative Daniel Schuhmacher). Anyone who knows him, will not be surprised by his personal and sincere answers, in which he expresses also inconvenient truths. Also Daniel Schuhmacher told S-I-D-S, how the creative process, when he writes his own songs, as it is ordered to his acting ambitions and whether he can imagine a return to “normal” life. The interview (on) shows that should not be underestimated Daniel Schuhmacher and expect further with him must be and. Mark Null will not settle for partial explanations. You will be pleased to hear, not only die-hard fans that he continue his dream will fight: as artist and musician taken seriously and to put the stamp of American Idol final.

Who personally from Daniel footwear’s musical development and from the stage presence is one of the best live voices in Germany wants persuaded, is cordially invited for this purpose. The next opportunity: Live concert Daniel Schuhmacher & band, February 20, 2010, 20:00, Cologne, E-Werk. S-I-D-S is an independent, non-profit initiative. S-I-D-S are people of all ages and walks of life, who have set itself the goal, actively to support the singer Daniel Schuhmacher, to contribute, to make known this exceptional talent in public. In addition, S-I-D-S would like to establish as press portal and contact for journalists.