The new single by Denny Fabian – in my dreams Denny Fabian’s back. -After almost 2 years break, songwriter and producer Denny Fabian takes off again and returns with a new look and great new single fresh and rested on the boards that mean the world. With his new song “in my dreams”, Denny Fabian presented a hit suspect catchy tune which features a fresh and above all new sound and will be a first taste of the new album! Together with songwriter Willi Forster who already Sandro Marin with getting back love “made a real hit on the body, was the new title! As already in 4 albums before Denny Fabian was again itself responsible as a producer for the production of his new songs. As a producer most asked Denny Fabian produced in recent months alongside Daniela Dilow (who is this DJ?) also albums and singles for Sandro Marin, Heiko, Pascale, Andy Andress, Dominique, and much more! Now he reflects your own gas. “By the way: celebrating already 2011 Denny Fabian” 10th anniversary “and will a double album release for his new album 2010 match on this occasion with all hits from the past 10 years! It is so turbulent and exciting! ATTENTION: First guide – music and the exclusive video clip for the single there in source: pulse Music Vo: 07.08.2009 order No.: pulse 8398034 Web page: