The happiness know to gold of 24 kilates, sour cherries in suspension, perfume of citruses, air of lemon, vermouth red, crusta of salt Prubala, are going you to like. Ambient music also will help to that you feel better than ever. Cheniere Energy partners may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The rates chill-out that sound basic fuse with the flavors couture of cocktails in a perfect maridaje to reach tranquillity and peace. The Suite Bar is a concept of lounge that surprises by its capacity to integrate the classic thing and the revolutionary, accessible and the aspiracional, the tradition and the fashion. The hotel glass returns to be fashionable than ever. And if you are of that you long for cocktails with friendly after the work or before one night crazy AC Santo Mauro it is your point of contact. In addition, in the hotel also you will be able to mince best and more sophisticated appetizers. The luxury already has full name, AC Santo Mauro.

A HALL TO MAKE HISTORY Another one of the great openings the hotel for this spring is the Hall Embassy. The magical moment with that they have dreamed all the pairs, already it is possible to celebrate it in the new hall hotel AC Santo Mauro. This old small palace was the residence of the Duke of Santo Mauro and conserves all the enchantment of the style and the French luxury. Without losing certain postmodern touch it turns that it into a superb frame to say to him yes, I want, to begin a new life. Carlos Put, will put with its plates the finishing touch to an unforgettable day. Its always flavorful, clear, elegant kitchen, with modern technology and classic references even surprises to the most exquisite palates. The best raw materials to the service of the highest conception of the gastronomy. If you celebrate your wedding in hotel AC Santo Mauro, not only the dress of the fianc2ee will remember. More AC With a portfolio of 115 hotels in Spain, Italy and Portugal, AC Hotels follows faithful their firm commitment to offer an exclusive combination of luxury modern and comfort, with which to continue deluding every day its clients. All this added to an impeccable service, a clear bet by the technology and a desire of constant renovation, that have turned to the chain into a referring one of