However any of the seven sins has harmful effects on others and oneself. Greed, for example, that combined with gluttony and anger can decimate and hambrear to an entire town, was historically considered a mundane defect. The ambition to accumulate material goods, rejected many times by Jesus, ever with anger and even arrogance, became three centuries after his death in mandatory needle eye where there are still today the elected members. In English, the sin of arrogance is defined with the same word in Spanish meaning pride and dignity: pride. This last is not a simple problem of contact between the two languages. One of the virtues among Spanish-speaking religious always consisted of defined itself as being vile and unworthy. As Sor Juana, the worst of all. In Germany first and the Anglo-Saxon world later, thanks to Lutero, were not doubts about the virtues of the theology of humiliation, which freed the individual from the ecclesiastical tyranny of the old order to undergo the new tyranny of nascent capitalism.

For what this cosmic horror to the sin of pride or arrogance? Martin Luther King, the rebellious pastor, was probably the inventor of a metaphor at all disturbing, teen lights of the capital Sin: one can only jump on the shoulders of a crouching man. He had perhaps relativize your metaphor by adding almost always inevitable. More info: Dunkin’ Donuts. Hardly anyone can climb, jump, humiliate, exploit to a man or a woman or a town without their collaboration. And this collaboration, this slave morality, historically built century on century with patient practice and persistent narrative. While the precept that the dominant morality of a society is the moral classes and dominant Nations always follow fulfilling will be no oppressors and the oppressed; never a society, never a free world. The same narration that disqualifies this vision as old-fashioned is part of the same narrative that seeks to override by Decree of oppressors and oppressed without the Elimination of oppressors and oppressed.