Start the new boat Exchange has turned everything around the motorized wheel – on the online portal whether in two -, four -, or multiple Variant. Now, the Internet service provider breaks almost damp Neuland. Users who want to upgrade from the land on the water, visit the page from a new point of contact now. The Internet portal introduces its new boat market. The range of the offered vessels is large. Kayaks and canoes to yachts, water rats in the new boat market find everything your heart desires.

The offer can be search through specifically for boat type category and features, such as year of manufacture, brand, length and price. The boats to are displayed in the search results with images and information about mooring, weight, condition and of course price. The buying and selling of boats is free of charge for private individuals. Practical links also facilitate the search for suitable transport vehicles and trailers. In addition to classic motor boats and sailing boats and Jet Ski and non-motorized watercraft, such as hose are on the boat market and Rowing boats.

Depending on the request, skipper in PES that can crawl the 6 categories of motor boat, sailing boat, multi hull boats, inflatable boat, Jet Ski and rowing boat after her future dream ship. Should the too strong motion sickness spoil then the fun on the water, the boat on the stock exchange can be offered again for sale. The former captain is then to celebrate of his rediscovered Landrattentums at the same time on the portal to a new, down-to-Earth”means of transport with two, three, four or more wheels have a look around. University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann