Returning from work and taking out a mailbox, a pile of advertising mail, and he did not know that renting a cottage for the weekend, you can quickly, confidentially and safely. Ad with a similar text at once struck eyes and made us think. – Why not diversify our life together and do not meet wedding anniversary in nature? Need a cottage for the weekend! – He decided, setting aside and picking up a flyer on a cell phone specified number. First – it was busy, then – for a long time, no one to answer the phone. Finally, on the other end, "woke up" and the sweet voice of the girl operator excused for the delay, told about the benefits that can be "Win" if you rent a cottage for the weekend, using the services of this particular company. Its a lot of cajoling did not have to have after the girl reported that rent a cottage for the weekend can be relatively near the city.

In this case, said the operator to select which cottage for the weekend is better to rent, it is realistic not only in the office, but also on the Internet. Using the search on the specified site, it does not stop wonder, "range" – luxury villas in the suburbs and small cozy cabins for two, luxury apartment with a fireplace and a private parking lot and a modest wooden "castle" in the pines … Here is the cottage on weekend will be ours! – He pointed his finger at the photo you liked owning and habitually slammed "wings" of your laptop … week sped swiftly. On Friday, looking forward to the hour when he and his wife move into cottage for the weekend, he tore some doubts. How best to proceed – report of a peculiar family gift today or postpone a nice time and make a surprise? Reason prompted to choose the second option, but heart "ekalo" (what if a gift is not to like?).