Friendship Friendship – selfless personal relationships between people based on trust, sincerity, mutual sympathy, common interests and hobbies. Music downloads has plenty of information regarding this issue. Such a definition of friendship makes Wikipedia. Selfless relationships – are the key words. Michael Steinhardt: the source for more info. But how many does this tell us about friendship? Only a friend can give a definition? Friendship in men and women have different meanings. It is believed that only men there is a real friendship. Nevertheless, the existence of female friendship can not be ignored. Simply male friendship stricter female. This approach to friendship can turn into friendship, both men and women.

Men's and women's demands rather different and trying to find in them something in common, we are stuck. We can assume that for both women and men have their own understanding of friendship that porastu are incompatible with each other. On this basis, we can say that to derive a precise definition of friendship, we must specify what kind: a male or female. And what about the friendship of different sexes? Once I witnessed a speech at a conference on ethics, two young girls who decided to answer the question: 'Is there a friendship between a man and a woman? ". The first part of his speech, they have devoted towards both sexes, the friendship. The second part explains that these relationships are so different that combine them is impossible. In the course of reasoning, it becomes clear that the overall friendship between the sexes can not be. But these girls surprised everyone, the final part, which they speculated on the existence of a third friendship existing between the sexes, which includes a totally different requirements.