Moving along the surface of the water the fastest, but certainly a dangerous route. It increases your chances of finding a settlement, but at the same time increases the risk of a situation in which life is at the mercy of the elements and at any time its whim can be stopped. Depending on the terrain the water flow in the river can be violent, or vice versa rather slow, which would fuse. Moving along the mountain rivers, where water flow is not predictable, and depends not only on the thresholds of pockets, width and slope of the riverbed, but also from the movement of water masses from upstream, is risky. In this connection it is necessary to thoroughly prepare yourself for fusion. The first thing to do is to estimate the rate of flow of the river width, depth as possible, the presence of thresholds to determine the temperature of the water. If the river seems to truly "seething cauldron" is better not to risk it, move on shore downstream.

The second point that is worthy to think about it – if you can recuperate after fusion River. Take into account time of day, weather conditions. Do things in such a way as to be just make sure that the risk of hypothermia during fusion, and after it – you do not threaten. For convenience, you can use a raft fusion. For a long time, it will stay dry. Important – should be kept at a density surface and was collected qualitatively. If you can not manufacture it, use logs, wood, waterproof backpack (wear it on his chest).