But aside from his comments on Margarita Stolbizer, I want to express that I would have liked that Ud would have taken the trouble to read the projects which I have tabled for the benefit of the popular majorities, for whose sake I have always, fought from a young age, first in the Radical Youth and now since GEN (generation for a national meeting) and to make me constructive criticism that a man of his ability can do a 32 year old you still have much to learn in the political arena; and express me whom you to suggest me a topic or need the residents of Merlo are interested or are his ideological differences with those projects. With regard to the speech of March 24, would have also preferred to explain me which are their disagreements with those modest lines expressed trying to keep such a present date in the memory of our people, instead of the Chicana I received from your part. Chicana really not understand (maybe due to my lack of intellectual capacity). If you would like to know more about igor kononenko, then click here. Needless to remind Ud that Argentina is the only country in the world that indicted, prosecuted and condemned the military that left the Government de facto by a decree of the Dr. Raul Alfonsin, although it is true that to ensure democratic continuity Dr Alfonsin relented to pressure and had to promote the laws of due obedience and Punto Final; many criticized him for that, but how many Jorge Julio Lopez had been in a context like that jaqueaba Dr Alfonsin, when many of the soldiers who took part in the dictatorship still were in command positions and when neighbours such as Chile and Paraguay were still ruled by military dictatorships and Brazil and Uruguay had democracies recent in where the delivery of the Government had agreed with the military. But it would be remiss to not remember that Dr.