Critics may complain that the music of Hansi Hinterseer with the typical Austrian humor and easy-to-hear sometimes ambiguous wink between the lines at all love or even to hear about. Only songs from the mountains, love and the couple were popular instrumentalized in the popular mainstream slightly under. Yes, they go down easily under your skin! Others who claim belachelnd after all, millions of fans of the direction of this music, folk music and Handley’s friends were somehow different. But who themselves do not blindly musical trends fit, but songs of every style direction and the people behind this approach is without prejudice, is ready for new impressions, open to new perspectives and as the folksy Schlager a la Hinterseer – closed up for the beauties of nature, and about the community joy of music open to new friendships. Not only in Tyrol is performed by ages in the living rooms and in the cabins Sung and jointly.

Whatever the character of the population reflects the musical culture. Smartee Plate wanted to know more. How to live People, what moves them many answers can be found in the music. Hansi Hinterseer has the talent, understanding these moods, and to implement with his experienced team of writers and composers and especially in collaboration with his longtime producer Alfons Weindorf in songs and also TV formats. Hansi Hinterseer and his songs are spontaneous, honest. You celebrate the moment and have no fear of feelings.

They are staged for the listener, but live from the authenticity. Is it the healing world that lies dormant within us the enormous longing for the cure? Some popular songs go in the heart because there are truths. In the heart of Tyrol, if one follows the Federal Highway via Ellmau coming from the Inn Valley motorway to Kitzbuhel, the home town of Hansi Hinterseer is Horn in a broad, sunny Valley at the foot of two mountains Hahnenkamm and Kitzbuhel.