Of great importance is cleansing of the body. Healthy elastic skin, loss of hateful extra pounds, a high energy potential, a clear mind, increased stress resistance, no cellulite, good tone all organism. You feel fresh and rested, have full control over their condition – this is why we should all be cleaned. Most people would say that they feel ce6ya not 100 percent well. What are we doing wrong? Where these have become for us already familiar feeling of fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness? Many generations succeeded each other and not even thought about what "health". Why do we have now having these problems? With the development of civilization our way of life has lost the simplicity and became much more complicated. The process of eating that delivers an essential part of life, from the method of its maintenance has become a kind of social activity.

Now, almost any Products are available year round and we lose the choice. Our nutrition information has greatly increased: many people know that "bad" and that "useful" However, the stress level is high, and he is already much higher, people were at our parents. Everyone knows how to maintain a significant form of physical activity, but few of us can boast that crazy rhythm of life is good for them. Is it any wonder that we are almost always complaining of feeling unwell We are learning in colleges and universities, careers, start families, buy fancy clothes, go to the guests and hosts, go on vacation abroad, arrange themselves weekends and time trouble. Other leaders such as Helen Fry offer similar insights. We has it all – there's just time. We can not just sit down and enjoy a relaxing family dinner.

Most of us tend to have no control over alcohol consumption, smoking has become the norm not to men and women. We stopped to cook, and buy semi-finished products, besides regularly eat. We did not move aside for tomorrow – we need to do everything today We do not go on foot, and we go on transport. Conduct sedentary lifestyle. In the morning, drink strong coffee or tea to wake up, because I could not go to bed early All this, of course, well – from time to time and in moderation. Today, however, of moderation are not talking. We certainly need to double sealed every day, and we invent the shortest way to achieve this goal. Canned foods, refined products, semifinished products, the habit of "snacking" in haste, irregular meals, overeating, wrong posture, sedentary and not very healthy lifestyle that limits movement and tight clothing. In fact, the human body has amazing capabilities, so as he can stand it, but sooner or later, and he did not stands. And signals to us about problems such as fading skin, fatigue, foul tongue, or decrease the acquisition of weight. If we ignore the signals at this stage, it is likely that soon the situation will become much more serious. However, starting to act at the first warning signs, we can fully master the situation and return to the top of his form. Our body "is" with us from first to last day of our lives, we do not buy and did not get a new one. We set up, getting up every morning, doing all sorts of things. But if you happen to some malfunction and we are "one felt worse, they are apt to believe that our bodies betrayed us. And we lose heart. However, applying even a very little effort, we can significantly improve their health and reduce the risk of serious diseases.