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View of the Hermitage
View of the Winter Palace from the Building of Staff
The Hermitage Museum Hermitage ( antiquities which means in artifacts Russian) in St. Petersburg, Russia, is one of the largest art galleries and museums of old age of the world. The museum’s collection is a complex of art six buildings located on the banks of the Neva River, the most important of the Winter Palace, official residence of former Czars. For even more analysis, hear from Secretary of Agriculture. exhibits The rest of the building S.A. the successful art exhibitions that have been held at , headed by making them leaders in the antiquities markets complex is formed five buildings, including the Menshikov Palace, the building staff and galleries a venue for open storage. has two galleries, one headed by with a great history of art trading and exhibitions The museum was gallery formed with the private collections that were acquired tsars for centuries, and it was not exhibition until 1917 works of art when he was State Museum.
His collection, comprising more than 3 million items, ranging from ancient Roman and Greek ages , pictures and sculptures of the Western European, Eastern art, archaeological objects, Russian art, jewelry or weapons. His art gallery is considered, along with the Museo del Prado, the most comprehensive in the world.