The choice of keywords is one of the factors that ultimately tested have the maximum relevance at the time of rankear in the search engines. Many novice developers are more concerned for aesthetic reasons or design, when in reality, the selection of the words or key phrases is the heart of our efforts to promote online. Start thinking about the selection of your keywords from the moment in which takes the first steps in the creation of your site. So important are, who should determine to the selected domain. Therefore, before buying a domain, you should have more or less chosen keywords. Of course that the elaboration of the list of keywords from a site it is never final. It is subject to a permanent review, trying to follow the fluctuations of the market and the levels of search for users. There is a large amount of free online tools that will help us select the keywords.

Some of these tools they do is read the site, your content textual, and deduce which ones are the most important terms. But, what to us interests us most, actually, is discover niche keywords with good volumes of busqued, and good KEI Keyword Effectiveness Index, or index of effectiveness. The KEI is a ratio between the amount of sites that offer certain keyword, and the number of searches that are carried out in those terms. The KEI for if same is not significant, but that it is an index that reached its full meaning when we have collected all the relevant information about the most representative of our niche keywords. An online tool that can be useful in this regard is Trendpedia. < >. Trendpedia is possible to find trends in a defined time line of search volumes.

And what’s even more useful is the ability to compare multiple terms, and thus select the most effective. Trendpedia is a good complement to the service of Google Insights, which also gives us the statistics of search, but in a more complete way. < >. With Google Insights we can mix variables geographical, linguistic and temporary, to reach an extremely complete search profile of the terms that we are interested in. Once you have found a list of keywords that reflect the bias that we wish to give our site, just so we can start with the production stage of the same. Following this line of thought we will save us much work in the future, trying to fit our keywords on a site designed for other terminos.